Even One direction's biggest fan, Skylar, have issues with her life. She gets bullied, her mom are alcoholic, her dad is in jail, she cuts herself every night, she's so close to suicide. And she promised herself that after the 1D concert, she was going to kill herself. Before the concert she meets Niall Horan, she tries to take pictures with him but her phone won't work. But what happens when Niall finds out about her life? Will he help her? Will she commit suicide? Read to find out!


3. She's different.

Skylar's P.O.V

He gave me a sign to not scream, 'cause if  scream, the girls near the hotel will chase him. I nodded as a huge smile came on my face, something I haven't had for ages.

I brought up my Iphone which I stole from one of the younger girls at my school, "C-can I t-take a p-picture?" I stuttered as he giggled, "Sure."

The phone didn't work that well, it was so slow.

Niall's P.O.V

Her smile was different from the other girls'. It was like she've never smiled before.

She brought up an broken Iphone that still worked. But it was slow.

"Sorry." She said as she tried to turn on the camera.

"No, it's fine." I smiled looking at her. She har brown long hair and blue eyes.

Her style was... different. She had some black tights with a lot of holes, and she wore a blue short over the tights. she had a dirty white t-shirt with a red jacket over.

She finally got up the camera and streched out her hand to take a picture, but when she took out her hand, the sleeve of the jacket slipped down.

My eyes widened as I saw all her cuts. I saw scars and fresh cuts. But suddenly her phone turned off.

"Fuck.." She cursed bringing her phone down.

"It's okay, I'll take a picture with my phone." I smiled as her smile got even bigger.

I brought up my phone and took a picture of both of us. Suddenly I heard the fans scream really loud, they were screaming my name. 

We both looked up as the fans camme running towards me. I was really tired, I really didn't want to be mobbed right now.

"Quick, I know where we can hide." The girl I took picture with said.

She grabbed my hand and we started to run from the fans. 

We ran behind a wall, it was an alley. The girl bent down and removed some boxes which was against the wall. There was a hole in the wall.

"Get in." She said as I heard the screams get louder.

I guess I didn't have a choice so I crawled inside the hole. So did the girl and she placed the boxes back in front of the hole. 

The girl turned on the lights. It was a small room with a broken matress in the corner and a mini fridge beside it.

"You don't need to stay, you can go when the fans aren't around anymore." The girl spoke as I nodded.

"What's your name?" I asked as she looked up furrowing her eyebrows like she've never got that question before.

"Skylar.." She whispered with a little smile, she walked over to the matress and sat down.

"Skylar?" I asked waiting for her to say her full name.


"You live here?" I asked sitting down against the wall.

"Sometimes." She looked down.

"Why don't you live with your parents?" I asked as she shook her head.

"I don't wanna talk about it." She sighed as nodded.

I brought up my phone, "Mind if I post the picture on my twitter?"

She shook her head and I uploaded the picture with the caption, "Met this amazing girl!"

I placed the phone back in my pocket. It was quiet, I was thinking if I should ask her about the cuts I saw on her wrist. 

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