Even One direction's biggest fan, Skylar, have issues with her life. She gets bullied, her mom are alcoholic, her dad is in jail, she cuts herself every night, she's so close to suicide. And she promised herself that after the 1D concert, she was going to kill herself. Before the concert she meets Niall Horan, she tries to take pictures with him but her phone won't work. But what happens when Niall finds out about her life? Will he help her? Will she commit suicide? Read to find out!


17. She's dead.

Skylar's P.O.V

"What?!" I whispered through the phone, "My mom's... dead?"

I held my hand over my mouth as more and more tears streamed down from my face.

"H-how?" I stuttered as I felt Niall's hand rubbing my back.

The man on the phone coughed, "She was found beaten up in a bar, we stopped the man doing it, he's arrested but... your mom didn't make it."

"Oh my god.." I cried as I dropped the phone down on the floor.

Niall picked it up as I stood up pulling my hair, "Hello? Yeah, she won't be able to talk right now. But thanks for calling." Niall spoke and hung up.

I pointed down on the phone Niall placed down on the bed, "She's... dead! My mom is dead!" I yelled as Niall stood up hugging me.

"Skylar it's allright." Niall whispered but I pushed him away.

"No! No, no!" I shouted as I fell down on my knees, "I don't have a mom anymore."

I heard the door shut open, "What happened?!" I heard Harry's voice say.

"Get out, I'll talk to you later." I heard Niall say as the door got shut.

"But.." Niall hesitated before getting down on his knees in front of me, "She beated you up, didn't you hate her for that?"

"S-she's s-still my m-mom Niall." I stuttered not being able to stop crying, "She only started her life as a slut because of my dad..." I looked up starting to think, "I need to talk to my dad. I can't join you on tour Niall."

"But.. we're over halfway." Niall claimed.

"Let me off this bus, I can walk to the prison." I stood up putting on my clothes. And so did Niall.

"I'll come with you." Niall spoke as I shook my head.

"You're on tour." I said.

"The concert isn't before two days. We'll just turn the bus around." Niall spoke handing me my shoes.

"No.. You can go on your tour."

"No, Skylar. I wan't to come with you."

I sighed wiping away my tears, "Fine." I groaned.

Niall walked out of the bedroom, I just sat down back in the bed. My mom is... dead. She's actually dead.


The bus arrived outside the prison, "Thanks.." I whispered to the boys as I stepped outside.

Niall followed me, "Niall, stay in the bus please." I told him but he shook his head.

"Alright.." He sighed and walked back in.

I walked into the prison, "What can I help you with ma'am." A guard asked me.

"I need to talk to my father... Simon Jones?" I told the guard and he nodded.

I followed him across the hall, he talked into his walkietalkie until we came to a room.

It was a small room with a big table, and four guards in each corner, they were holding big guns.

"Just wait here," The man said, "Simon Jones will be here soon."

"Thanks." I tried to smile but failed. 

God, it was hot in here, I took off my jacked and hung it on the chair, I didn't care that my scars were visible, what were the four guards gonna do? Heal me?

I sat down on my chair for like 5 minutes. 5 minutes of awkward silence between me an the guards, before the door opened.

Inside came the man I haven't seen for ages. He had grey hair now, and has gained some weight.

He smiled when he saw me, but my face remained serious, "Skylar.. You've grown big!" He smiled streaching out his hands about to hug me.

"Please." I groaned and backed a step as my dad stopped.

He placed his hands down and furrowed his eyebrows, "What's wrong hun?" He asked as I cocked an eyebrow.

"What's wrong?" I repeated, "My mom AKA your wife is dead."

his eyes widened and got filled with tears...

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