Even One direction's biggest fan, Skylar, have issues with her life. She gets bullied, her mom are alcoholic, her dad is in jail, she cuts herself every night, she's so close to suicide. And she promised herself that after the 1D concert, she was going to kill herself. Before the concert she meets Niall Horan, she tries to take pictures with him but her phone won't work. But what happens when Niall finds out about her life? Will he help her? Will she commit suicide? Read to find out!


2. It's not possible!

Skylar's P.O.V

I woke up by the caravan door get shut. I sat up knowing my mom were going to beat me up. I looked at her from my bed, she were drunk.

She looked around before her eyes landed on me, she was angry for some reason. She almost ran towards me grabbing my neck throwing me down on the floor. Then she grabbed my hair and pulled me up hitting me with her other hand.

I fell down again as she backed and walked to the small couch laying down. I sighed as I slowly stood up again. 

I walked over to the sink and looked at myself in the mirror, I was all broken. I put on some makeup and clothes and stepped outside.

I started to walk to the bus station as I put on my jacket, on my way there I spotted the four boys hanging outside the store, Jack, Theo, Jacob and Daniel. The boys who always sexually abuse me.

I tried to hide myself and walk past them but that didn't work out that well. 

"Hey! Emo kid!" Theo shouted as they all laughed walking towards me.

I started to run, something I shouldn't have done, "You know it'll only get worse if you run!" I heard Jacob shout as they all ran after me.

I knew that he was right so I slowed down and turned around. I saw Daniel running up to me as he punched me down. We were in an alley, there were no people around.

Daniel sat down on top of me as he held my arms over my head. The other boys went down on their knees around me.

"Where are you going so early in the morning?" Jack smirked grabbing my throat choking me.

"T-to the ci-ty." I stuttered struggling to breathe.

"And why's that?" Daniel made a duckface talking like I was a little kid.

"One D-Direction is c-coming." I spoke as Jack let go of my throat.

I gasped for air as he boys laughed, "You mean that gay boyband?" Theo laughed.

"They're not gay." I claimed raising my voice.

Daniel slapped me, "Silence." He commanded as I bit my lips holding in my tears.

Daniel then started to kiss me, I felt one of the other boys stroking my legs.

Daniel looked up at me again, "We'll let you go now, just because I'm not in the mood kissing you."

He stood up as he boys walked away. I sat up rubbing my neck. Oh how much I hated my life. I stood up walking to the bus stop. The bus came as I stepped inside.

I sat next to an old woman asleep, great, maybe she had some money in her purse. I slowly reached out my hand searching inside the purse which was on her lap. I brought up her wallet asI opened it quietly.

Wow! 20 pound! I took the money as I placed the wallet back in her purse. After about 10 minutes the bus stopped on the busstop near the mall in the city.

I stepped outsdie looking around. It was a lot of girls outside a hotel. Maybe the boys were there.

I walked over to an random girl who was fangirling, "Is One Direction in this hotel?" I asked as she nodded and screamed.

"We saw all the boys exept Niall! And I touched Louis!" She cheered as I smiled and nodded.

Wow, what a crazy girl. I looked up, there were too many girls there, I couldn't get through. I backed some steps before turning around.

I was so hungry! I walked over to mc donalds to buy some food, it was almost empty in here. I sighed as I ordered my food. I got it right away as I stepped upstairs eating my cheeseburger and drinking my cola.

I stepped outside again after eating finished and I bumped into someone, "Oh I'm sorry." I said and looked up.

But when I looked up, my eyes landed on a blonde, blue eyed guy. My mouth got shut open as I placed my hands in front of them.. It's not possible!

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