Even One direction's biggest fan, Skylar, have issues with her life. She gets bullied, her mom are alcoholic, her dad is in jail, she cuts herself every night, she's so close to suicide. And she promised herself that after the 1D concert, she was going to kill herself. Before the concert she meets Niall Horan, she tries to take pictures with him but her phone won't work. But what happens when Niall finds out about her life? Will he help her? Will she commit suicide? Read to find out!


11. "I'm just another fan."

Skylar's P.O.V

I left the library and headed to the boys' hotel to have a talk with Niall. When I came to the hotel the girls outside told me that they were at the arena rehearsing.

I then went to the bus station. I got a feeling that I was being followed. But I didn't actually care. I was so hurt or mad at Niall.

I stepped out of the bus when it arrived near the arena, I had to walk a couple of minutes before I came to the arena, I walked to the backdoor of the arena and then saw that the media was following me.

"Can you please go?" I asked them but they didn't listen, "What's up with you and Niall." One of them asked but I just turned around walking to the door.

I was about to open it but a security man stopped me, "I need to talk to Niall." I told him.

He opened the door but didn't let me in, he talked to a man and then closed the door again.

"He's coming soon." The security man told me.

Niall's P.O.V

"Go and talk to her." The mangement man told me.

"What am I going to say?" I asked as he shrugged his shoulders, "The same thing you told the media! Just get an end to this."

I stepped outside finding Skylar looking at me with her arms crossed. The media behind her started to take pictures. I walked over to Skylar.

"Can you tell them to go away?" She asked me as her eyes teared up.

"They won't.." I claimed as she rolled her eyes.

"What's all this about?" She asked wiping away her tears.

"Excuse me?" I said giving her a wierd look acting like I didn't knew what she was talking about.

Skylar's P.O.V

The look he gave me hurted like hell.. What was that? Had he already forgot me?

"Acting so sweet to me, making me finally feel worth it." I spoke with a crack in my voice..

"That could've happened to anyone.." Niall spoke rubbing his neck.

"What the hell?!" I almost shouted, I brought up the backstage ticket throwing it at him, "Here! And I ain't coming to the concert either." I whispered, "Because my mom teared it apart after beating me up." I made sure that the media didn't get that.

I turned around about to go before I heard Niall shout, "Skylar!" I turned back to face him, "What?"

"I.." He said but remained quiet after that.

I shook my head and walked away. The media people was following me, I was at the bus stop.

"How do you feel?" One of them asked pointing the microphone at me.

"How do I feel?" I repeated looking into the camera with my red eyes and tears streaming down my face.

Niall's P.O.V

I turned on the TV backstage, "How do I feel?" I heard a familiar voice say before I spotted Skylar on the TV screen.

"I feel used, I feel so emberassed because I actually belived in every word he said to me. But of course he had to take take care of his reputation. Why would he be seen with a girl like me? I'm obviously not good enough for him!" She spoke as more and more tears streamed down her face.

Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry sat down next to me as the interwiever asked, "Do you know him personally?"

Skylar looked away from the camera, "No." She said short, "I'm just another fan to him." She claimed as the bus came and she stepped inside.

I sighed as I placed both my hands on my head pulling my hair.. I can't believe what I've just done..

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