The other sister

Well, this is a true story and i didn't know how to tell people so i thought up of this idea. Ellie had a sister who unfortunately was killed in a car accident in america but then she found out something which she wasn't meant too........


1. Jade...

okay, no hate as this is a true story, my story..... Okay, my sister jade was amazing. just like me loud and not afraid to say what im am thinking. she was 18 and she was moving away to america with her fiance and she was pretty mean to me and did some really harsh things but i always forgive her soon afterwards but i felt lonely all of a sudden, like everything of mine had gone. the day she said goodbye to me i wouldn't stop crying. i remember that day quite well. when she left i just cried most the day. she texted me the day after to say that she had arrived in america safely and i felt happier to know that she was still alive... So they bought a house and lived there for 7 and a bit months i think. she would text me all the time and skype me but she couldn't talk to me on Facebook because she didn't like the hate she got and she didn't like seeing other people getting hate. One day they went to town ( we think ) and they had lots of time so on the way home they went the coastal route. her fiance was driving and she was sitting in the passangar seat and they were driving past a cliff and her fiance lost control of the car and they went off the cliff and the police think my sisters side of the car hitt the rocks/water 1st because she unfortunatly died but her stupid fiance lived. r.i.p jade, you will always be missed :( x

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