The other sister

Well, this is a true story and i didn't know how to tell people so i thought up of this idea. Ellie had a sister who unfortunately was killed in a car accident in america but then she found out something which she wasn't meant too........


2. Funeral

so jade was to have her funeral in the u.s.a and also have a memorial put up somewhere in Liverpool as that was where she was born, i couldn't go to america because i was still at school at to be honest i didn't wanna go anyway because i would just be crying and i can't say goodbye to jade, she didn't deserve this. but i have been twice to the memorial in Liverpool and i must say, the amount of flowers and cards there are shocking. so many people have put something on her memorial. i didn't know that she knew so many people. if she could see this she would be so so happy i can promise you that. But it is very hard standing there because i wish she was still alive, i miss her so much and people know that she is gone but the odd 1 or 2 people who are being really stupid can say something nasty about her and it does effect me because she was the closet person to me and shes gone. if you lost your brother or sister who you were really close to you would feel like i do. trust me it is so hard to say shes gone. someday's i wake up and just think its a dream and run to her old bedroom but shes not there and i phone up her mobile and get no answer and i even try calling her on Skype but shes offline. Why couldn't this be a dream??

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