The other sister

Well, this is a true story and i didn't know how to tell people so i thought up of this idea. Ellie had a sister who unfortunately was killed in a car accident in america but then she found out something which she wasn't meant too........


3. 6 months to jodie...

Okay so it has been roughly six months since jades death and i still miss her and i really want her back. everyone that i know except a few people said i should have got over it by now but no i am still effected. my dad was clearing the loft because these men were going to insulate it and my dad brought a massive box full with jades old stuff and he said he didn't want it and my mum didn't want it either so i got to have it instead and there were loads of pictures and DVDs with pictures on so i watched them all then started to look through the picture but i found one with a girl who looks just like jade and it said on the back Jade and Jodie on Jodie's 7th birthday. i wondered who was jodie but on another photo it said jade with her best friend who is also her sister. i didn't know what to say. so i have another sister who was she? how do i tell people but then she contacted me, i wouldn't speak to her. i found out that my mother had gave her my phone number so i can't ignore her. i wouldn't listen, i dont care who she was but by law she is my sister. another jade... i knew this is all wrong but  it was real. i couldn't believe it, it was like jade came back but she didn't know me as well as jade and yet she knew loads of stuff about me, it was too unreal and so im trying to forget her but she really wants me to meet her. i have already found someone who is soo close to replace jade but she will always be there no matter how much i try to block her out... i don't need her and i don't want her why can't she just go away??

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