Adopted?? ~ Completed

Eleanor had a good life with her mum, dad and little sister Georgie or Georgia. she had a massive argument with her little sister and her parents tell her that she's adopted. also her real mum wants her back. she's forced to move to doncaster with her new family. she hates it and she misses her family so much it hurts. her new mum doesn't understand and wants her to forget them. her new brother arrives with his friends and he tries to help. what happens when she finds that something happened to her mum and dad and her little sister went missing. will she go to find her or will she stay with her new family.

caution swearing in this movella!!
you've been warned


22. Such fun

By the end of the night me, Zayn, Louis and Lottie were drunk. We all decided to head home. I was really tired. I stumbled over to Harry and snuggled into him, "tired?" He asked. I nodded and he held me close and carried me to the car. Niall and Natalie sat in the front. Harry told me to stretch out. I nodded and stretched out and rested my head in his lap and slept. I felt him carry me inside and I stirred. "My head hurts," I whimpered. He nodded and stroked my hair and carried me upstairs to our bedroom. He laid me down on the double bed and changed and got in next to me. I snuggled into him and closed my eyes. When he thought I was asleep he kissed me softly on the lips. I smiled and he chuckled. "Luv you," he said. 

"Luv you," I mumbled and fell asleep. Such fun

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