Adopted?? ~ Completed

Eleanor had a good life with her mum, dad and little sister Georgie or Georgia. she had a massive argument with her little sister and her parents tell her that she's adopted. also her real mum wants her back. she's forced to move to doncaster with her new family. she hates it and she misses her family so much it hurts. her new mum doesn't understand and wants her to forget them. her new brother arrives with his friends and he tries to help. what happens when she finds that something happened to her mum and dad and her little sister went missing. will she go to find her or will she stay with her new family.

caution swearing in this movella!!
you've been warned


14. Lost her

Louis's P.O.V: I was dancing with my girlfriend Martina and Harry was Dancing with Jazzy his girlfriend when suddenly i heard Eleanor scream my name. "LOUIS, LOTTIE HARRY HELP!!" She screamed. i ran as fast as i could to where she was. there was a boy. i guessed was Jake. he was dragging her towards the door. "Louis please don't let him take me," she whimpered. i ran out after her. she was already being shoved into the car. i tried to stop him but he pushed me back. "i will find you," i said to her as he shut the door and drove off. once she had gone i sat down on the floor and cried. Harry and Niall comforted. "i lost her," i said. "come on lets go home," it was Maddie Liam's Girlfriend. we all agreed and Zayn and Niall's girlfriends came out. we all piled into the camper van with Lottie and Darbi. "guys wait," it was Nick. "GUYS PARTY'S OVER," He shouted and got into the van with us. i leant my head on Martina's shoulder and cried. i had found her and now i've lost her.

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