Adopted?? ~ Completed

Eleanor had a good life with her mum, dad and little sister Georgie or Georgia. she had a massive argument with her little sister and her parents tell her that she's adopted. also her real mum wants her back. she's forced to move to doncaster with her new family. she hates it and she misses her family so much it hurts. her new mum doesn't understand and wants her to forget them. her new brother arrives with his friends and he tries to help. what happens when she finds that something happened to her mum and dad and her little sister went missing. will she go to find her or will she stay with her new family.

caution swearing in this movella!!
you've been warned


25. gone?!

I was curled up on the sofa with George and Beau. Harry was on the floor infront of me and i was playing with his curls. Georgia was with Niall and Natalie and the girls were out. Louis, Zayn and Liam were in the kitchen. i yawned and stretched out across the sofa with my feet in Beau's lap. and my head was in George's lap. My arm dangled off of the sofa and harry held it. i smiled as i fell asleep. 

i woke up to being carried upstairs. i opened my eyes to Harry smiling down at him. "hello sleeing beauty" he said and i wrapped my arms around his neck. "i wanna go to bed," i whined. he chuckled. "we're almost there sweetheart," he said as he opened the door to our room. he sat me on the bed as he took his shirt off. he offered it to me and i took off my own and put it on. i slipped on some baggy shorts and got into bed. i felt his arms wrap around me so i turned around and buried my face in his chest. he kissed my forehead as i fell fast asleep. 

the next morning i woke up and took a shower. i slipped into a david and goliath top and one of Harry's button down shirts. i slipped on some leggings and put on a snapback. i jogged downstairs to the others watching the news. "morning..." i said. they all looked at me. georgia had tears streaming down my face. "what?" i said. they looked at Louis then at me. "tell me!!" i exclaimed. 

"your parents are dead..." Louis said. i froze. they can't be dead. they were the only ones who were always there for me. "w..w..what?" i stuttered.

"They're gone princess," Harry said. i held my head as everything suddenly went black.

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