Adopted?? ~ Completed

Eleanor had a good life with her mum, dad and little sister Georgie or Georgia. she had a massive argument with her little sister and her parents tell her that she's adopted. also her real mum wants her back. she's forced to move to doncaster with her new family. she hates it and she misses her family so much it hurts. her new mum doesn't understand and wants her to forget them. her new brother arrives with his friends and he tries to help. what happens when she finds that something happened to her mum and dad and her little sister went missing. will she go to find her or will she stay with her new family.

caution swearing in this movella!!
you've been warned


21. drunk

i woke up next to Harry. Niall and Georgia were asleep in the two beds next to ours. i got up quietly and grabbed my clothes and went to have a shower. afterwards i changed into a red checked shirt and a pair of ripped denim shorts. they were really short, but i didn't care. i went pack into the bedroom and did my makeup and brushed my hair into a messy bun, i walked towards the door. "where do you think you going without me," i turned around and saw Harry. "i won't if you get out of bed and get ready," i said.

"give me five minutes," he said and i nodded. "I'm counting," i said and just watched him running around getting his clothes and he jumped into the shower. he came in dressed and ready but his hair was still wet. "you do knowi would've waited for you anyway," i said and he pouted. i laughed and grabbed a towel and gestured for him to sit down. he did and i started to dry his hair. "we should all go out tonight," he said.

"where?" i asked him.

"clubbing, remember you never got that eighteenth birthday drink did you," he said. i laughed and nodded. "Georgia can stay here with the twins and Fizzy," he said. i nodded and i finished drying his hair and we headed downstairs.


it was nine o clock. we were about to leave for the club. i was upstairs with Lottie, Darbi, Martina and Natalie. we were just finishing getting ready. "HURRY UP!!" Harry shouted.

"HARRY IF YOU DON'T STOP SAYING THAT I'M NOT COMING!!" I shouted back. there wasn't a reply so i guess i won. i finished adding my makeup and slipped on my red heels. i was in a Navy mini dress. it was really short. Lottie was in a baby blue one, with light pink shoes and bag, Darbi was in a purple dress with Royal Blue shoes, Martina was in black, with Black shoes and Natalie was in Red with red shoes. all of them looked gorgeous. i didn't i just knew it. we headed down the stairs carefully headed out to the car. 

once we arrived each of us girls had to hold onto one of the boys as we couldn't walk in our shoes. Martina had Louis, Natalie had Niall, Darbi had Zayn, Lottie had Liam and i had Harry. i gripped onto his arms and he laughed and we all went inside.

it's been about two hours. Martina and Natalie are dancing with Niall and Louis. Zayn, Liam and Harry were at the bar with Darbi and i was with Lottie helping her get this guy she likes called Martin. "so are you lovely girls alone?" he asked us. he was drunk.

"no we're with our friends," i said. he nodded. "so are you single?" he asked us. "yes," Lottie said and he smiled. "same," i said and he just ignored me. "i will leave you to it," i said and gave Lottie a thumbs up. i headed over to Harry and the others. "did she get him?" Harry asked. 

"she's getting there," i said and they laughed. 

"she'll get him," Darbi said and i nodded in agreement. 

"you want a drink?" Zayn asked me.

"of course," i said and he laughed and got some shots for us all. i grabbed one and downed it in one. "nice," Harry said and downed one too. i laughed and grabbed another one. i was going to get drunk

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