i have never been scared of anyone. a little intimidated maybe but never scared.

but im scared of your deep green orbs and im scared of your amazing smile.

im scared of your love and what you want.

im scared of falling for you and im scared of loving you.

im scared because all the above makes the firework go off in my stomach.

im scared of you


2. "i may have used that as an excuse to come talk to you"





"Chloe, what the hell!"

i could hear Amanda making her way towards me from the other side of the hall already yelling after me. She was normally easily excited and she obviously couldnt wait till she'd crossed the hall to confront me. She HAD to make everyone focus on us instead of whatever they were doing before her little outburst.

I'd jus arrived at school trying to avoid the glares, the looks, the curious glances i got from the majority of all students i passed on my way to my locker. I was hoping i'd be able to avoid amanda until lunch, but i guess today's just really not my day.

I mentally groaned and leaned my head against my locker. I had a mayor hangover. It felt like someone had drilled a huge hole in my head, and was trying to stuff a cactus in there. oh and add some acid on the cactus as well and you know how my head was doing at the moment. How the hell did we end up going out on a monday night.

I knew i wasnt going to hear the end of this from Amanda, but what i didnt know nor expect was the huge amount of paparazzi following me the whole way to school.

I'd stepped out of my apartment building, already a little irritated, due to my unpleasant morning. yes, i live alone even though i only just turned 18. My parents knew how much getting in to thi school meant to me, and since we didnt live anywhere near London, they let me move here alone. My aunt's apartment was only a few blocks away, if i ever needed something, so it was okay.

"omg, Chloe you gotta tell me what happened!" she was now shaking my shoulder, probably to see if there's still life in me, and i finally removed my head from my locker, but not without groaning loudly to let her now i was suffering. 

"Chloe what happened? you gotta tell me everything!" She was almost jumping now. 

I winced and dialled the number digit, before opening the locker, grabbing my trainers and khaki pants that i would be needing for first lesson. 

"Amanda its not what you think." Its not that i dont trust Amanda or dont like her. Amanda is my best friend and i trust her with my life. She would never tell my secrets to anyone, but sometimes she got too excited and forgot how to be normal. like now.

"how can it be different than i think? and how do you know what i think?" i rolled my eyes and stuffed my trainers and pants in my bag before walking down the hall with amanda next to me  eagerly waiting for me to answer her.

"I slipped in a drink, he caught me, the pap took a picture of us, and i was out of his arms not even 2 seconds later and i left before he got the chance to say anything so....." i explained to her, while we were waking our way through the halls along with all the other thousands of students. 

"I dont believe it didnt mean anything to you!" i groaned, because i knew she was right but i would never admit that to anyone.

"what dont you believe didnt mean anything to her?" and now Mitch joined.

"hey mitch how are you?" i tried to change the subject. Mitch was my other best friend. Me and him had met here at school, only a few months ago, but i already knew he was one of my best friends. 

"Oh just having a little chat with chloe about what happened last night. didnt you read it?" My eyes had been fixed on the ground during most of the talk, but mitch's silence got me curious and i look up to meet his curious but a bit confused eyes looking right in mine.

"No i didnt read anything. what happened last night? someone fill me in." 

I blushed and looked down and walked through the door to our class room. "luckily" we all three had first period together. The other two followed right behind me. i walked straight to the hanging rooms the two following right behind me but stopping at the door. They were both wearing their clothes already.

"and what's up with Chloe why was she blushing 2 seconds ago?" My friends are impatient 

"Oh little miss Chloe here, seemed to get along pretty well with a guy at a club last night isnt that right chloe?" i walked out of the changing rooms and rolled my eyes at her.

"it wasnt even like that!" i defended myself. I started stretching.

"oh then tell me why i heard from several sources that you and mr. Styles were looking pretty cozy." i opened my mouth to defend my innocence that i knew deep down really wa hopeless cause there was no way she'd believe me.

"wait. Mr. Styles as in Harry Styles? As in Harry the One Direction boy?" mitch said confused.

"yes isnt it cute! now we have two one direction girls here at this school!" Amanda tried to keep her excitement down but she was miserably failing.

Oh, did i forget to mention i go to a dance acedemy for aspiring dancers? that a certain girl named danielle peazer, who im sure you all know, dance here as well? and that i was Olly Murs' back up dancer on his european tour las year? My bad

Mitch looked shocked and what did i see? hurt? in his eyes? no it wouldnt be. 

"yeah it is i guess." mitch narrowed his eyes looking straight at me.

"what nothing happened!" mitch just shook his head and turned his attention towards our teacher who'd just walked in.

"alright class! Welll start with the choreographs you all prepared for today so who would like to start?"


"bye amanda" i hugged her and watched her lock herself in to her apartment "bye!".

We always walk home together, and since her route is shorter than mine, i have to walk a short distance by myself. I kept thinking back to Mitch's weird reaction when amanda told him about yesterday. 

If i didnt know any better i would think he was sad or jealous, but i knew mitch well enough to know that wasnt the case.

"um excuse me miss?" i had been walking 5 minutes since Amanda and i was close to my own apartment, when a man in what looked like his late thirties, stopped me.

"Are you Chloe Dupont?" he asked me and i nodded slowly and a bit skeptically.

"sweet!" he took out a notepad and a pen. oh. "oh im really sorry but im busy i dont have time for that-" i tried to excuse myself from him but stopped me before i could finish.

"i promise you it'll only take a few seconds." it took me a while but i agreed to answer whatever questions he had.

"are you and harry styles dating?" i shook my head no. "are you friends?" again i shook my head no. "were you one of his sluts the-"

 "listen now, me and mr. dimple guy dont know each other. he grabbed me when i slipped in a drink. there was nothing slutty about that. Now if you'll excuse me, i have better things to do than this." i said silently.

i don know why i reacted like this. but then on the other hand the should know you never call a girl a slut. especially because i am nowhere near it. that'll just set me off. I didnt rase my voice with him. there is no way i have enough confidence to do that, but i think he sensed i got tired of him.

i rounded a corner and the small and satisfied smile on my face was quickly wiped away when i noticed the enourmous amount of paparazz and actually just people in general standing in front of my apartment building.

when i got closer i noticed the steel barriers that were put up around the building to stop people from getting closer to the building. i quickly showed the security my id, wondering what the hell was going on. 

I got a lot of stares and some girls even screamed my name. How did they know my name?

i was walking towards the buliding when the unusually familiar looking curly haired boy standing on the other side of the glass looking on his phone caught my eye.

what the fuck was going on here. 

He looked up from his phone and after 30 seconds he finally caught my eye. he did a weird sign with his hand as if saying "come here!" 

i went inside the building and went over to him by the windows.

"hi" i said short for words

"hey" he said in his husky and sexy warm and deep voice. He shot me a half smile and looked me right in the eyes. i was mesmerized by them. they just did that to me.

"i may have somthing you would like. I would have given it to you yesterday at the club, but you left before i got the chance." His hand digged in to his jeans and fished up my worn out and old ipod and handed it to me.

i didnt know what to say. i was amused

"you seriously came here to give me back my ipod?" i chuckled.

"well most people would just say thank you."

"thank you." i smiled at him and there was an awkward silence between us, before i decided it was time to go. the screaming girls just behind the glass was making my headache worse and i didnt really need that right now.

"well bye.." I turned around to leave, but he grabbed my arm and spun me back around. "wait, i might just have used that ipod as an excuse to come talk to you." he said embarrased

I was flattered.

damn it.

it was his charm.

"im sorry we didnt get to talk last night." he kept going and i decided it was time to speak up.

"harry im really flattered and im happy you came here to give me back my ipod, but im not one of your regular hoes, and im in no way a slut."

that's how i said it. and thats what happened the two seconds before harry styles decided to fly down to my level and capture my lips with his moist ones in front of everyone.

and i dont know why i didnt find myself pulling back despite my little speach to him before.

i dont know why i let a total stranger do this. im the shy girl i never kiss a boy.

i dont know why i didnt stop him and found myself sneaking my arms around his neck pulling him closer instead.

i dont know a lot things

but one thing i know for sure. is that i was now officially the new mrs styles according to everyone

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