I've Changed

*Yes. I'm the "cute little girl" in the pictures with the boys. I'm the girl who was mostly always with Harry or Louis. But I'm not that little girl anymore. And they need to deal with it.*
Lux is now 16, and she's a trouble maker. That's all she does. She dropped out of school and she has one night stands. So when her mom ships her off for the summer to live with the 5 boys from the old band, One Direction, what will happen? Romance? Drama?


10. What...



Harry P.O.V.


I sat in the family room, watching my favorite show, Duck Dynasty. It has been a week since I asked Lux to be my secret girlfriend, and things are going amazing. Every night of this week, when everyone was asleep, we would go on the roof and look at the stars. Just talking about our futures...She was the best. She listened so carefully, and just understands me like no one else. 

"Haz?" I turned around in the chair to see Lacy. Her blonde hair was down and wavy, her green eyes having a sparkle to them as always. She was wearing a black skirt with a white ruffly top.

"You look...Gorgeous." I said, stunned. She looked down, blushing. "Why thank you. I was just wondering if I should wear this to my date tonight?" Anger boiled inside of me. I just had the urge to punch something. But I calmed down, thinking about me and Lux.

"Um, yeah, you look fine." I said, brushing my hand through my curls. 

As soon as Lacey left the room, I let out a long, deep sigh. This wasnt good. Was I starting to like Lacey again?

"Hey." Lux said smiling, walking into the family room and sitting down next to me. I smirked. "Hey babe." I said rather quietly.

"So, um, I need to tell you something." She said softly. "Yeah?" I asked. "Louis...Found out." I looked at her confused. "Found out about what?" "Us."


Authors Note:

Sorry guys for such a short chapter and not for updating! I just have so much to do! I will keep adding when I have time!

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