I've Changed

*Yes. I'm the "cute little girl" in the pictures with the boys. I'm the girl who was mostly always with Harry or Louis. But I'm not that little girl anymore. And they need to deal with it.*
Lux is now 16, and she's a trouble maker. That's all she does. She dropped out of school and she has one night stands. So when her mom ships her off for the summer to live with the 5 boys from the old band, One Direction, what will happen? Romance? Drama?


6. Thoughts...



Lux P.O.V.


I woke up, rubbing my eyes. I looked around the room to see I was on the couch. Everyone must of fell asleep while watching the movie.

I slowly got up, trying not to wake up anyone. I then walked into the kitchen, rubbing my stomach and letting out a yawn. I went to the fridge, opened it up, and pulled out the carton of milk. I then walked to one of the cabinets and opened it up and grabbed a glass. I put the glass on the counter, pouring the milk into it.

"Can I have some?" I turned around to see Louis there, scratching his head. I giggled. "Grab a glass." I responded.

"So, did you talk to Harry or Zayn?" Louis asked, putting the glass in front of me. I poured some milk into his cup, then scooted it across the counter to over where he was sitting.

I leaned against the counter, taking a sip of the cold milk. "Yes, I did talk to Harry. And now we are barley talking." I said, narrowing my eyes to him.

He looked down, then back up at me, a sympathetic look on his face. "I'm sorry Lux. I thought he would understand." "Whatever." I said, rolling my eyes. I then went up stairs to my room, closing the door, and flopping down onto the bed, letting the tears stream down my face.


Louis P.O.V.


I sat there, thinking about what just happened. I felt awful. I honestly think Lux was in love with Harry and Zayn, and they don't even care. I know how it feels to be in love with someone and they don't love you back. That's how it was in high school for me. I was in love with this one girl, but she didn't love me back.

"Hey. What time is it?" I turned around to see Harry brushing his fingers through his curly brown hair. "Its 10 am." I answered.

"Harry, can we, uh, talk?" I asked nervously. "Yeah sure." He said, sitting down next to me. "Ok, well Lux kinda told me-" But before I could finish, he cut me off. "I know kissing her was wrong, but-" "YOU KISSED HER?!?!?" After I realized how loud I was, I quieted down. "She just told me she told you she was in love with you."

"Look Lou, please don't tell Lacy I kissed her. It was a stupid mistake. It meant nothing to me! She means nothing to me!"

"Oh, really? Sorry, maybe I should just get out of your life!" Harry and I turned around to see Lux standing there, tears flowing out of her eyes.


Lux P.O.V.


"Look Lou, please don't tell Lacy I kissed her. It was a stupid mistake. It meant nothing to me! She means nothing to me!"

As soon as I heard Harry say those last words, I felt like I've been punched in the stomach. Those words literally cut like knives. He's never said anything like that to or about me before. I'll be honest, I've loved Harry the most. He was always so sweet, and caring, and understanding. But I guess that's all changed.

"Oh, really? Sorry, maybe I should just get out of your life!" I yelled, the tears streaming down my face. Harry and Louis both looked over towards me. Louis had a sympathetic look on his face and Harry had guilt.

"Lux, I didn't mean it like that." Harry stated, sitting up from his seat. "Leave me alone." I whispered. And with that, I ran out the front door.


When I got to the hotel that was about 5 blocks from the boys house, I went up to the front desk. "Hi, how may I help you?" The lady at the front desk asked. She had long, curly, black hair and deep, green, emerald eyes. She was wearing a white button up shirt with a blue blazer over it and a black pencil skirt.

"Hi, yes. Can the elevator take me up to the roof?" "Yes. Go into the elevator and there will be a button that says roof on it." She replied, giving me a warm smile. "Thank you."

Just as I was about to walk away, she said, "Don't do anything stupid. Your beautiful." "Thanks." I choked out, trying not to let the tears fall out.

I went to the elevator and hit the up arrow. When the doors opened, I stepped in, hitting the roof button.

When I got to the roof, I stepped out and walked over to the edge of the building. I sat down, my legs swinging over the edge. I looked down, seeing how far up I was. There was 20 floors in this hotel, so I was really high up. I sighed. I scooted a little closer to the edge, my bum almost off the building. "Goodbye Lacy, Rachel, Danielle, Eleanor, Perrie. You guys are the best. Goodbye Liam, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and most importantly...Harry." I said to myself. I shut my eyes, a tear trailing its way down my cheek.

"Please...D-Don't." I turned around to find everyone standing there. Yup, everyone. Perrie, Danielle, Lacy, Eleanor, Rachel, Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry.

"W-What are y-you guys d-doing here?" I stuttered. "We saw you leave the house and we followed you here." Niall said, a bunch of tears streaming down his face.

"Why would you do this?" Lacy asked, a tear falling down from her right eye. I slowly stood up, my eyes locked on the ground.

"You want to know why?" I asked, looking up. "Because. I get called so many names, I feel like I'm not worth it anymore! I'm always second best, and no one seems to give a damn about it! Also, I am in love with two boys! Two boys who look at me like I'm a joke. Like I'm some ugly piece of crap. Like I'm nothing compared to their beautiful wife or girlfriend. And you want to know who those two boys are? Zayn and Harry. Yes. I'm in love with two boys who are in love with someone else. But guess what? Its not my fault that I fell in love with them! It just happened! So you can stand here and think that I will never have a chance with them or that I'm some freak, but I'm just a girl who is dreaming that things will turn out good for me."

Everyone stood there quietly, just staring at me. I looked down tears falling from my eyes. I then just couldn't take it. I couldn't. I collapsed on the floor, my face in my hands. I let out quiet sobs. I then felt someone's strong arm wrap around me.

I looked up to see Harry standing there, tears falling from his eyes. "I told." He whispered. I looked at him with confusion. "W-What?" "I told Lacy that I kissed you twice." "Did you guys break up?" "Y-Yes." He said, looking down. I then wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him into a hug. He wrapped his arms around my waist, nuzzling his head in my neck.

I let go of him, then looking into his beautiful green orbs. "Lets go home." Harry whispered. I nodded.


When we got home, we all walked into the house silent. "I better go pack my things." Lacy whispered. "Please stay. I want you here." I said, putting my hand on her shoulder. She looked at me, then nodded, giving me a smile.

"I'm gonna go into my room." I said, heading up stairs. All everyone did was nod.


Harry P.O.V.


I walked up and into Lacy and I's room- I mean, my room, and lay down on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. I thought about the big event that happened today. It broke my heart into million of pieces when I saw Lux trying to commit suicide. How could she even have the guts to do that? I mean, she's beautiful, funny, talented, sweet, caring, and just...Perfect. When I saw her on the edge of the building, I just wanted to run up to her and kiss her and never let her go. But I don't think I will ever be able to do that.


Louis P.O.V.


I sit on the couch, watching the show 'Dance Moms.' But I wasn't focusing on the show, I was focusing on what happened today. I felt like I've been punched in the guts. It hurt so much that Lux actually wanted to leave us. With out her on this planet, it would be so dull. I mean, when Lux walks into a room, it lights up. She has beautiful blonde hair that glows when the sun is hitting her perfectly. Her blue eyes have a little sparkle in them, and anyone could get lost in them easily. Also- wait a second? I wasn't falling for Lux! Was I?


Niall P.O.V.


I sat outside on the porch step, looking out at the neighborhood. Yes, I know. I haven't talked to Lux a lot since she's been here, but she still is like family to me. And just seeing her think about killing herself, made me feel empty inside. I just cant understand why people would think all those bad stuff about her. I mean, she's adorable! If only she could see how much we all love her...


Liam P.O.V.


I sat on the swing in the backyard, the tears still in my eyes. I've never been really close to Lux, but it hurt so much to think about what happened today. I mean, she's gorgeous! If I was her age, I would have a crush on her! How could someone so amazing go through such a hard time. She doesn't deserve anything she's going through. I want to help her, but I just...Don't know how.


Zayn P.O.V.


I sat on the edge of my bed. All I have to say is on what happened today is, Lux...I'm in love with you too.


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