I've Changed

*Yes. I'm the "cute little girl" in the pictures with the boys. I'm the girl who was mostly always with Harry or Louis. But I'm not that little girl anymore. And they need to deal with it.*
Lux is now 16, and she's a trouble maker. That's all she does. She dropped out of school and she has one night stands. So when her mom ships her off for the summer to live with the 5 boys from the old band, One Direction, what will happen? Romance? Drama?


1. The Boys



Lux P.O.V.


I lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling. How could she? How could my mom ship me off for the summer to five guys who supposedly took care of me when I was little, just so she can spend time with her boyfriend?

I rolled off the bed, making a thud as I hit the hard, wood floor. I slowly got up, and trudged over to the closet to get my suitcase.

I pulled out my blue, sparkly suitcase and slammed it on the floor. I opened it up and started to pack my clothes. Then, I heard my phone buzz of the side table next to my bed. I walked over there to see I had a text message.

From: Hazza

I will pick u up at the airport:) K?

I threw my phone on my bed. I didn't care what he was doing. I didn't care what any of them were doing.

I walked back over to my suitcase and zipped it up. "Lux! Hurry up! Uncle Harry is waiting for you at the airport!" I groaned.

I don't know why they call the boys my "uncles". I mean, we aren't related. All they did was take care of me.

I strutted down the stairs to see my mom waiting there for me. "Ready sweetheart?" I rolled my eyes. "Whatever." "Don't give me that whatever." She said, as we walked out of the house. We hopped into the car and headed for the airport.




The plane ride to England took like fifty million hours! And it sucked! First of all, there was this one fat guy who smelled like rotten lemons that was right next to me! And on the other side of me, was a bratty little five year old.

I walked into the airport, looking around to find Harry. I then spotted his brown locks and green emerald eyes. He still had the same look he had when he was 19...


Harry P.O.V.


I looked around, trying to find Lux. I haven't seen her since I was 19 years old! The boys and I live together, and life is going good. Liam, Niall, and I are 32 years old, Zayn's 33, and Louis is 34. Louis is married to Eleanor, Zayn is married to Perrie, Liam is engaged to Danielle, Niall is dating this girl named Rachel, and I'm dating a girl named Lacy. The five girls live with us, so we live in a huge mansion.

I looked around the airport, and then spotted her. Her long, curly, blonde hair flowed behind her and her blue eyes were sparkling and the sun hit her perfectly.

She looked beautiful, might I say. "Lux!" I hollered. Her head spun in my direction and she saw me.

She walked over to me, my eyes locked on her, her eyes locked to the ground. When she reached me, I opened my arms for a hug, but she just pushed passed me.


Lux P.O.V.


When we pulled into the driveway, I stared at what was in front of me. The boys and five girls were having a water gun fight outside in front of a huge house.

"Lux?" Harry asked, chuckling. I just ignored him. I opened the door, stepping out of the car, my eyes still locked on the mansion.

"LUX!!!" The boys yelled, running towards me. They tried to hug me, but I went to the trunk, opened it, grabbed my luggage, and made my way inside.

Once I got inside, I put my stuff on the side and walked around. I then walked into the kitchen to see a girl with blonde, golden hair. She had green emerald eyes.

She looked up and immediately noticed me. "Hi, I'm La-" "I know who you are. Harry's girlfriend." I said, cutting her off. She nodded.

"Your Lux, right?" I nodded. "Well let me show you to your room." She wiped her hands on the kitchen towel next to her, and went in front of me, showing me my room.

When we walked in, I was shocked. My room was huge! I looked around at the baby blue walls that was filled with One Direction posters.

"I remember I would always stay here when I was little." I said giggling, remembering the past. She chuckled. "Ok, well if you need anything, we will be outside." And with that, she walked out of my room.

I set my suitcase on the bed, un packing. *Buzz buzz* I looked at my phone that was lying on my bed, to see I got a text.

From: Nialler

Come downstairs:)

To: Nialler

No thanks..

From: Nialler

Why not? We decided to watch a movie in the family room. C'mon!

To: Nialler


From: Nialler

Why not?!

To: Nialler

Cause I'm tired of you guys! You guys think your all that and you guys fired my mom from the best job she ever had! I don't even know why she still talks to you guys!


After a couple of minutes, there was a knock at the door. "Come in." I mumbled. Niall then walked in, closing the door behind him.

He sat on my bed, watching me put my clothes away. "What." I said coldly. He stayed silent for a minute, but then he spoke up.

"Look, we all understand why your up set. Just, please angel. Come downstairs with us." I grinned at the nick name he used to always call me. Niall always called me angel, Louis always called me boo, Zayn always called me sweetheart, Liam always called me love or cupcake, and Harry always called me beautiful.

"I need to finish un packing." I said, wiping the grin off my face and turning it into a frown. He frowned.

"Alright angel." And with that, he walked out. I sighed, throwing myself on my bed. I stared up at the ceiling.

I never knew my father, so the boys would always take care of me. When they fired my mom and stopped seeing us, my mom took care of me by herself. Life as baby Lux wasn't easy.

I sighed, the tears forming in my eyes. I never really cry about stuff, but when it comes to my dad, I can cry you a river.

A tear slipped from my eye, but I wiped it quickly. I sighed as I sat up from my bed and stood on my feet.

I walked over to my closet and pulled out a short, black, tight dress with matching black pumps. I put on the outfit, then examining myself in my long mirror that is hanging on my door. I then walked over to my desk, and sat down. I looked in the mirror. I opened one of the drawers and pulled out my bucket of make up. I decided to wear cats eye make up, red lip stick, and some blush. I then opened another drawer and pulled out my hair straightener. I straightened my hair, then looked at myself in the mirror.

I got up from the chair and made my way downstairs. When I walked into the family room, the movie Toy Story was playing.

Everyone turned their heads, looking in my direction. Everyone's jaws literally dropped.

"W-w-what are you wearing?!" Liam stuttered, pausing the movie. "Clothes." I answered. "Not enough!" Louis yelled.

"Where do you think your going?" Niall asked. "To a club." I stated. "Where drunk men try to rape you, umm no." "Look, I'm not the little baby Lux anymore. I can take care of myself! Also, I've changed. Deal with it."

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