I've Changed

*Yes. I'm the "cute little girl" in the pictures with the boys. I'm the girl who was mostly always with Harry or Louis. But I'm not that little girl anymore. And they need to deal with it.*
Lux is now 16, and she's a trouble maker. That's all she does. She dropped out of school and she has one night stands. So when her mom ships her off for the summer to live with the 5 boys from the old band, One Direction, what will happen? Romance? Drama?


8. Not Eating?



Lux P.O.V.


I stood there, frozen. I looked over at Liam, and he was just starring at Louis. "Hey guys." Harry, Zayn, and Niall stated, walking in.

"BooBear, whats wrong?" Harry asked, sitting down next to Louis and putting his arm around him. "Eleanor cheated." I stated.

All the boys nodded, sympathetic looks on their faces. "We are so sorry Louis." Niall said, looking around at all of us. We all nodded. "Its alright. Lets just forget about it." Louis said, rubbing his eyes with his hands. 

"So is Eleanor moving out?" I asked. "No, shes staying cause of the other girls. So don't give her a hard time about her cheating." Louis said, looking around at all of us. We all nodded.

"How about the 6 of us go out to eat?" Niall said, rubbing his hands together. We all laughed. "Yeah sure! Can we invite Danielle and Perrie?" Liam asked. "Yeah sure! And I was gonna invite Rachel." Niall replied. "Alright! I'm gonna go get ready." I said, running over to the staircase and running up the stairs.

I ran into my room, shutting the door. I walked over to my wardrobe and pulled out my favorite outfit. A black skirt with a black belt, a white strapless shirt with black polka dots on it, black high heals, and a black ring. I then put on foundation, black eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. And I straightened my blonde hair.

I walked down the stairs, satisfied with how I look. All the boys looked at me up and down. I cleared my throat. "Ready to go?" I asked, not making eye contact with any of them. "Yup!" They all hollered, popping the 'p'.


When we reached Nando's, we got a booth at the back of the restaurant. The seating order was Niall, Rachel, me, Zayn, Perrie, Harry, Louis, Liam, and Danielle.

As I looked at the menu, I felt someones eyes burning into me. I looked up to see Louis staring at me from across the table.

I looked down at my menu, trying to forget about it. "I'm going to get the Perri Perri Chicken." Perrie said, closing her menu.

"Why, because your name is in it?" Zayn said looking at her chuckling. "Maybe." She giggled. We all laughed.

"I'm gonna get a salad." I said, closing my menu. "Thats it?" Harry asked. "Yeah, is there a problem?" I asked annoyed, raising my left eyebrow. "No, its just that you eat more!" Harry stated. Which was a true fact. I would sometimes even eat more than Niall. But ever since the whole depression started and all, I realized I could loose a couple pounds. But of course I'm not gonna tell that to them...



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