I've Changed

*Yes. I'm the "cute little girl" in the pictures with the boys. I'm the girl who was mostly always with Harry or Louis. But I'm not that little girl anymore. And they need to deal with it.*
Lux is now 16, and she's a trouble maker. That's all she does. She dropped out of school and she has one night stands. So when her mom ships her off for the summer to live with the 5 boys from the old band, One Direction, what will happen? Romance? Drama?


9. I Want To Be With You



Lux P.O.V.


When we got back from Nandos, I went straight to my room, with out saying a word. I sat on my bed, just staring at the wall.

I thought for a moment. Life was so complicated. Life wasnt...Fair. I mean, I love Harry and Zayn. Ones married, and the other is what? 17 years older then me! And the way Louis looked at me today at the restaurant, I...I felt something. It felt like the whole world around us just stopped. 

"Lux?" Someone said behind my closed door. "Come in." Harry then opened the door, closing it behind him, and sitting down next to me on my bed.

"Hey." He said quietly. "Hi." I said, letting out a deep, long, sigh. He put his hand on my knee, rubbing small circles on it.

He then looked into my eyes. He locked our eyes, both of us not looking away. As he started to lean in, my palms got sweaty. My stomach got butterflies. And sooner or later, his lips were on top of mine. 


I plopped down, letting out heavy sighs. My head turned to look at Harry. His hair was back, caused by the sweat. The covers was over his naked body, only showing his chest, as it rose and fell.

"That....Was....Amazing." He said between breaths. I smiled, leaning over and kissing his cheek. He returned it with a smirk.

"Lux, I love you." I felt like I stopped breathing. I took my hands off his chest, and lay on my back, just staring at the ceiling, trying to cope with what I was just told.

"Harry?" "Yes love?" I turned on my side, staring at him. "I love you too." A grin spread across his face. As he leaned in for another kiss, I put my hands on his bare chest, telling him to stop.

"Whats wrong babe?" He asked, hurt written across his face. "Harry, your 32. I'm 16. This cant happen." I said, tears filling my eyes.

He let out a sigh, taking his thumb and wiping the tear that was falling down from my left eye. We both fell onto our backs.

"Life's tough beautiful. But sometimes you got to work through the challenges." I turned to face him again, planting a kiss on his collarbone.

"Lux, I want to be with you." He said, sighing. "I want to be with you too." I said, knowing that pretty soon, the water works are gonna come again.

"You know what?" Harry asked, sitting up, running his fingers through his hair. "What?" I asked, sitting up with him.

"I wanna be with you. And thats whats gonna happen." "Dont you think the press and management will judge?" I asked.

"Yes...Thats why we arent  gonna tell anyone." I thought for a second about Harry's theory, and thought it could work.

"That might work...And it would be really romantic." I said, playing with his hair. He smiled, pecking my lips.

"Lux, will you be my secret girlfriend?" I let out a giggle. "Yes."

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