Love can be considered the hardest word

This poem is about what the emotion of love can do to us as human beings. It explains the different facets of love.


1. Love can be considered the hardest word

Love can be considered the hardest word

We cheep and chirp it like a bird

The fact is though its not that easy

Makes us feel awkward, crazy perhaps queasy

Can help, hinder or hurt

The feel of a tender hand, soft under your shirt

When those lips lock, passion sizzles

Fireworks flying, emotions fizzle

Frustration and anger out like a flash,

Dreams, ambitions corrupted in a dash

Shouting and screams can fill the air

Words fly out tinged with regret or care

From happiness to despair and pain

From gloom to joy and gain

Love is the most confusing word, emotion of all

Can make people great or make them fall.


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