I could use somebody

Do you know when you could use somebody in your life, Who can care about you every single day, When you need a friend who you could trust with the deepest secret.. You know those times when you feel like no one loves you, you just need some one to keep you feeling free and alive, this is a story about when you could use somebody's help xxx


4. Where am I?

Harry's POV

As I laid her on my bed I went over to my bathroom and got some cotton wool pads and a cup full of warm salt water. I walked bristly back though to the girl and knelt down next to the bed and pulled her left side of her trousers down so I could see her hip more clearly, There was a deep gash where something must have been forced in her hip or he must have lobbed something at her.. I got one of the cotton wool pads and began to bathe her wound on her hip so it would stay disinfected.


After a while of treating her wound I speed walked downstairs to get my first aid kit that was in my glass cupboard. As I got it I began to rummage through it to find a huge fabric plaster, after a while I found them and when back up stairs to see if it was the right size for her cut.. It was! Kneeling down again, I began to hum to help me concentrate as I put the fabric plaster on her hip. Just then I saw her hand ever so slightly flinch and as I looked up to her, her eyes opened widely as she looked down at me saying confused "Where am I?"


I looked up and said to her reassuringly "It's OK, you are safe here... Just stay still for a little bit longer as I put this plaster on your hip."


She nodded then closed her eyes again and lay limp on the bed.


Just then my brain began to go in over load and make up loads of questions such as,

- Why was she trusting me?

- Why was she even in Jack's house in the first place?

- What's her name?

- Do you think she will mind me being to close to her?

- Why did I even care about her this much? 

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