I could use somebody

Do you know when you could use somebody in your life, Who can care about you every single day, When you need a friend who you could trust with the deepest secret.. You know those times when you feel like no one loves you, you just need some one to keep you feeling free and alive, this is a story about when you could use somebody's help xxx


6. So inocent and fragile...

Harry's POV-


She closed her eyes again, letting her hand edge closer to mine. I felt her cold fingers brush against my thumb as a smile inched across her weak face. As I looked back down at her small, fragile hand, she slipped her hand in mine looking for comfort. Gently, I squeezed her hand and kept her hand in mine, letting my hand warmth seep across into her hand.


Soon after her breathing became slow and deep as she slipped into a deep slumber, her grip loosened on my hand as she let out a deep sigh, then she began to breath softly again.. She looked so innocent and fragile... It makes you think, Who the hell would hurt her in that way for there own pleasure!?


Gently, I moved my hand away from hers as I left her to sleep. After I crept downstairs I was greeted by Dusty meowing on the sofa with her tail high up in the air.


"Hello baby" I grinned at her before I came at sat next to her on the sofa.


She came up to me purring and plonked her bum down on my lap as she moved her paws extracting her claws out and began to kneed my leg.

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