I could use somebody

Do you know when you could use somebody in your life, Who can care about you every single day, When you need a friend who you could trust with the deepest secret.. You know those times when you feel like no one loves you, you just need some one to keep you feeling free and alive, this is a story about when you could use somebody's help xxx


7. Lovely life

Your POV-


I peered around the boys room scanning every single item carefully until I had realised Harry was no longer there.


As I sat up my hip started to throb but I inched off the bed to try and stand up. After a few swear words I limped down stairs to find Harry was curled up on the sofa with a black and white cat curled up next to him also asleep.


I decided to go through to the kitchen and write a note:


Dear Harry,

Thank you for helping me get away from that horrible man and bringing me somewhere safe but I hardly know you and I feel bad because you are looking after me so well and I feel like I am a burden on you... So I am going to go back home now, I hope you have a lovely life and find a girl who you can spoil so well as you cared for me,

Love from Y/N xxx

P.s. Your cat is so cute!


I crept out of the front door after placing the note on the kitchen table as I stepped outside in the fresh air I felt a cold chill up my spine as I began to limp along the road to the park.

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