I could use somebody

Do you know when you could use somebody in your life, Who can care about you every single day, When you need a friend who you could trust with the deepest secret.. You know those times when you feel like no one loves you, you just need some one to keep you feeling free and alive, this is a story about when you could use somebody's help xxx


5. I never knew

Your POV

I felt the green eyed, curly haired boy carefully place a large plaster on my hip, I let out a little whimper because it hurt a lot.. He looked up saying concerned "I'm sorry, It's nearly over now." and he began to press down the plaster so it would stick properly.


He then pulled my trousers up properly from my hip so I didn't feel as embarrassed and he then came and sat on the bed, and as he did so he made the bed dint a little so I came ever so slightly over to him.


He began to speak in a deep, husky voice "I am so sorry about what just happened... I never knew he was like that... He has hurt you badly so I would recommend you to keep laid down for a while but that is your choice and I am not making you do something that you don't want to do."


I understood and uttered the words "Ok" I closed my eyes and felt a tear roll down my cold cheek. Just then I felt the boys warm hand wipe away my tear as he sighed "Don't cry honey, your safe now." And he kissed me gently on the forehead.


This was very cute of him and I opened my eyes again and decided to ask his name.. He soon replied with the words "oh, my name is Harry... and your name is?" He waited for an answer.


I murmured over to him "My name is Y/N... And could I ask a question?" I paused as I waited for Harry to say something, He nodded and then waited for me to speak again "Were am I?"


"I brought you back to mine because I saw how big the wound was so I thought you could need somebody help.. So I took you back to mine" He smiled after he said that letting his dimples show through.

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