I could use somebody

Do you know when you could use somebody in your life, Who can care about you every single day, When you need a friend who you could trust with the deepest secret.. You know those times when you feel like no one loves you, you just need some one to keep you feeling free and alive, this is a story about when you could use somebody's help xxx


3. He Promised..

Harry's POV

It was very cold outside! I couldn't believe it! It was boiling yesterday and now when I want to go outside it decides to be freezing!


I know! I'll just call into Jack's house to borrow a scarf of his or something warm, As I set off up his drive way I heard a scream coming from his house!!! It wasn't him who was screaming!!!


The door was already unlocked so I just walked in to find the most horrific sight ever! Jake had a fragile, weak, terrified girl that looked around my age pinned up against the wall as he was touching her in inappropriate places!


My instinct kicked in to help her, I ran over to Jack and pulled him off of her shouting in his ear "What the fuck are you doing Jack!?"


He began to try and fight me and I pushed him down to the floor and grabbed the frozen girl's hand and brought her behind me as I snarled at him "Get you fucking hands off of her Jack! What the hell were you thinking!?" She began to cry as she held onto me shouting "who was he? What was he doing? He promised he wouldn't hurt me!" She was terrified! I tried to calm her down by saying "Shhh, its ok.. I wont hurt you Honey, don't worry." This just made her cry even harder though and she gripped onto my waist even tighter.


Jack tried to get up and I shouted "If I ever see you ever again Jack, don't be surprised if I loose it with you! OK!?" He sat on the ground looking up at me then nodded.


I got hold of the girls hand and took her outside, she looked up at me then gasped "Thank you" She held her hip tightly with one hand and as I looked down there was blood seeping through her jeans.


"Did he do that?" I asked her with concern in my voice. The girl nodded, but just then for no reason she collapsed.


I crouched down quickly then helped her back up, She moaned out in pain before her eye lids went fully closed. I picked her up and kept her tightly in my arms, cradling her as I speedily walked back to my house... Niall would have to wait!

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