the one with the secret

i never really belonged in this world. i was never really popular, i only had one friend. his name was jayce. but it didnt really matter when my parents died. i was forced to move in with my aunt. she lived so far from home. all the way in Texas. so i basicly had to start over. but starting over isnt so easy when you do it a lot.


1. the crash

Before I start I should probably tell you a little about myself and my life. I live in New York city. My name is April. Im 16 years old and I have a perfect life. Well had. It started in a car crash both of my parents died and so did my sister, when my aunt found out that sombody adopted me she came over and took me away and i ended up living with her.

It was very depressing. Example: when i went outside and she didnt know she grounded me for at least a month.another example:When ever she goes on a date with her new boyfriend i was forced to stay home and do chores. At first when martin((her boyfriend) met me he thought that she was treating me greatly but when he found out the truth and broke up with her, things got way harder for me.

So its about six months later and thats when I asked my aunt if I could go to a One Direction concert she pointed to my room without saying a word but I didnt give up on getting to go. The next day when i came home from school i walked in and saw her smoking and drinking with a couple of people i could already tell that she was drunk. So at night i came to her room and asked if i could go to my grandparents house because i go there to help work about once every 3 months and sence i went once before she knew what i was talking about. But i was going to do something crazy that day.

(3 months later) During the three months i got grounded about like 4 times for who knows what. So when the time came i told her i was leaving to go to My grandparents house she made sure that i had my phone with me and i did. Of coarse i did go help my grandparents but when i left thier house i went to the airport to go to london where One Direction had thier big concert that over aboutr 9,000 people were going to. Thats when i got a call from my aunt good thing it was just about if i was helping out and stuff and also to make sure i wasnt doing anything stupid.(aprils pov)This was rediculous and i just wish that somebody would get me besides martin not that we talk much.

So on the plain i was sitting by some guy named Jayce the awesome thing was thathe was going the same place he didnt like one direction very much but he did love his five year old sister and sence he was old anoughhe went to go and get the whole thing on tape.The next day they arived in londun and once they got to the concert they waited until the one direction played they rocked they played thats what makes you beautiful.

when we left we ended up staying in the same hotel. We would eat together swim together and even take walks together,we had a blast until my aunt called and said that she knows where i am and that she was coming to get me and thats when i saw her car i ran with Jayce and we found a hotel we ran to the top and we were getting chased so we stoped in a room and as they locked the door they saw one direction and nialls first question was are you hungry well to bad and ran to the fridge and blocked it.

But louis first question was what is your name and if i was ok so we told the story and ended up staying the night. My aunt was so upset she waited in the hall in a lame discise and waited until i left i never did so the guys came up with a plan harry got discised as her went down to the hall she was waiting in and started to freak out on her saying things like ahhhhhhh youll never catch me and ran out the doors her chair flipped and she got aresetd it was awesome!

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