The Cry

A Cry is heard for miles. The Brethren have awoken. Can they defeat what they are to face? Are they the same men they once were? The road ahead is perilous, but will they stay as one?


1. The Awakening

The Cry was heard for miles around, causing children to shriek and adults to turn in their beds. No one quite knew what it was, or what it meant, but one thing they did know - was that it was bad. Nothing that sounded like that could ever be good, it could never be human. You couldn't tell what kind of being let out this Cry, only that it was in pain. Pain. A pain worse than anyone could have guessed. A tortured kind of pain. 

That was the moment that the Brethren re-awoke. This Cry, what ever it was, had been strong enough to wake them from their slumber, these Brothers who had been sleeping for a century, under the watchful eye of the moon. Nothing was supposed to have awoken them The danger was supposed to have passed. They defeated it - one hundred years ago they defeated it. But all it took was one. One to have escaped their grasp and everything that the Brethren had worked for would collapse around them.

This was their calling. The calling of God. The calling to protect. They were the servants of God. And did his work. That was why they were the Brethren. United against a common cause. At one with themselves and the world around them. Their one purpose to protect and serve, their lives, devoted to the priesthood, to the Brethren.

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