The Cry

A Cry is heard for miles. The Brethren have awoken. Can they defeat what they are to face? Are they the same men they once were? The road ahead is perilous, but will they stay as one?


2. Exposure

Brother Caine stood, and looked out towards the splay of the cities. He knew this was his fault, he had led the mission and allowed a Brother to stray, this Brother was taken by the creatures. The Clergy had excommunicated that Brother even though it had not been his fault. Brother Caine felt responsible for it. For everything. He was supposed to protect them. He was chosen as their leader, the man who would lead them to a victory over the beings. The man who would spread God's word.

But in all realities, he felt more unclean after every death, and he prayed for their souls. Sinful. That's how he felt. Sinful. It was even worse when Brother Tobias was taken from them. When he was wrenched from the Brotherhood. From the Church. From God. He was in the grasp of Them, the Beings. Those who the Brethren had been trying to defeat for years. And they thought they had done just that. Unfortunately, they were wrong.

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