Love Ya Babe!

Niall and Kristy get together.
They met at a party and they are so happy to have each other.
Wondering about Niall and Kristy future!
Then READ ON!!!!!


1. On Our Way To The Party!

Niall's P.O.V

" I can't chose what to wear" Zayn shouted " I want to look as sexy as possible."

"Hahaha" we laughed.

"Who are you trying to impress" I joked.

"No-one, in particular" Zayn replied.

"Oh, I get it! You trying to find a girl for yourself."

"Yh, Kinda" Zayn said.


***20 Minutes Later***


" Are we all ready?" Liam asked.

" Yeah" we all exclaimed.

We called a Cab and the Cab arrived in 10 minutes and we were all off.

We were going to a party tonight, I couldn't wait.

I loved going to parties and I guess I could try and look for a girl that's really nice.

I really needed a girl that loved me for who I am not just because I'm kinda famous.

I was thinking about this when Louis said " Niall why are you so silent today?"

"Oh, Me? Mm...I was just thinking about the party" I replied.

"Oh , Are you getting to fill your tum-tum with food?" Harry laughed.

"Yh, I guess so" I replied.

Then 5 minutes later we were at the party!!!




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