Madison Horan daughter of Niall Horan was stuck. Every since the reunion concert of her fathers band six months before she had been receiving death threats. From who she had no idea. The only thing left to do is run. She has to disappear to save herself, her future and her family. Will she have help or will she be on her own?


3. Chapter 3

Maddison's POV

I shot Ben a smile was the group was called. He smiled back making a heart with his fingers under his desk. 

"Shut up." I muttered shoving him lightly. I look back to see Sawyer staring at us. I beckon him over. He walked over sitting in the seat in front of Ben. 

"So how's this going to work?" Sawyer said his accent bleeding in to his voice. Sawyer had spent the three years in England with his mom and dad while Quinn and I were in Ireland. 

"Well." Ben said taking the lead. "We could meet up every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday till the projects due." 

"That works." I said. "What do you think Sawyer?"

He nodded his blue eyes thoughtful.

The bell rang dismissing us from the class. I gave Ben a hug good-bye as he headed off towards Mrs. Brown's class. 

"Maddi." Sawyer said grabbing my arm. "We have to talk."

I waved to Bella showing her to go on to Mrs. Rose without me, as I  followed Sawyer. "What do you need Sawyer, I need to get to math?" 

"It won't take long." He said his hand holding on to my wrist. 

He stopped in front of Mrs. Rose's class. "Maddi-" 

"Come on Miss. Horan." Mrs.Rose called. "Just beacuse you and Mr. Tomlinson are the children of superstars doesn't mean you can skip math."

"Sorry Sawyer." I smiled. "We can talk later." 

"Yea." He muttered. "Meet me after school, we can walk home together."

I nod heading into Mrs. Rose's classroom. "He likes you." Bella whispered as I sat down.

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