Madison Horan daughter of Niall Horan was stuck. Every since the reunion concert of her fathers band six months before she had been receiving death threats. From who she had no idea. The only thing left to do is run. She has to disappear to save herself, her future and her family. Will she have help or will she be on her own?


2. Chapter 2

Madison's POV *Present Time*

"Hey Maddi." My friend Bella said coming over sitting next to me. 

"Hey Bell." I said shooting a glance at Quinn who was sitting next to me. Today was the anniversary of our mother's death. Quinn had been very close to our mother, her death had been hard on him. 

"Did you hear?" Bella asked. 

I turned to face her. "What?"

"Sawyer is looking for you." She grinned. I blushed, only Bella knew of my crush on Sawyer. Quinn had Melody so they're was no reason to tell him, besides he and Sawyer were best friends he would tell him at the first chance he got.

"Well I better go find him." I smiled heading for Mr. Cash's science class. It was the only class Sawyer and I had together. I sat down next to Ben another one of my good friends. 

"Maddi." He grinned giving me a hug. 

"What's up Ben?" I asked. "How's Will?" Will was Ben's boyfriend, yes Ben was gay but I loved him anyway, in the friend way not the romantic way.

"Great." He said. "I'm almost ready to come out." 

"That's amazing." I almost shouted. "Your parents will be fine with it trust me."

Ben nodded looking down a smile crossing his face. 

"Madison?"I turned to see Sawyer behind me. A frown on his face. Ben let go of me quickly sitting down. 

"Hey Sawyer." I smile. "What's the matter?"

"Nothing." Sawyer said quickly giving me a small smile. I shot Ben a questioning look but he just shrugged. 

Mr. Cash walked in. "Alright class get ready. Today I will be putting you in groups of three for your project."

I looked at Ben. "Hope we get pared together."

He nodded. "But who else?" I shrugged looking around the class.

Ben looked around and jerked his head slightly towards Sawyer. "Maybe him." I blushed at the thought of being in the same group as Sawyer. 

"He'll want to be in a group with Spencer." I whispered to him. 

"Well it's a good thing Mr. Cash is picking the groups." Ben laughed.

"Ok." Mr.Cash said. "Here are the groups."

"Steve, Tido and Ky, group one."

"Sal, Spencer, and Greg, group two."

I shot Ben a look as Spencer was put in a group without Sawyer.

"Terry, Haley and Michelle, group three."

"And our last group Ben, Saywer and Madison."


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