Madison Horan daughter of Niall Horan was stuck. Every since the reunion concert of her fathers band six months before she had been receiving death threats. From who she had no idea. The only thing left to do is run. She has to disappear to save herself, her future and her family. Will she have help or will she be on her own?


1. Chapter 1

Madison's POV *6 months earlier*

I sat in the front row watching my father dance around with my uncles. Next to me sat Sawyer, Louis and Elenour's son. My brother Quinn sat on my other side lip locking with his girlfriend Melody. The girls behind us were screaming and crying.

"For our next song." My father said his accent still thick even after all our years in the states. "I'd like to invite my children Quinn, Madison and Louis's boy Sawyer up with us. I looked around feeling all eyes on us as we join my father on stage.

My father took my hand. "Without the help of my daughter I don't think I would have had the courage to come back after Taylor's death." 

I gave my father a sad smile. It had been a year and a half since mom's death. This was the first time since then I had seen dad truly happy. I looked over at Quinn, he too was looking down a sad smile crossing his lips. I let go of my father's hand as he sang the opening line to their new song, I see you. 

I grabbed Sawyer and Quinn pulling them gently to the side of the stage so we could watch them sing. 

"I wish mom ws here to see this." I mummered. "She would love it."

Quinn nodded looking away while Sawyer grabbed my hand. "It's ok Madison." 

His soft voice made my heart flutter. I looked up into his deep blue eyes so much like his father's. I laid my head on his shoulder watching my father. 

After the concert I grabbed my purse from my father's room backstage. As I grabbed it my phone buzzed. I reached in reading the message.


Disapper now bitch

or be six feet under

I quickly deleted the message.

"Just a joke." I muttered. I got them a few times before. Dad said they were just crazed fans trying to scare me. Hopefully this would be the last.


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