Shadow of the Colossus: The End of the World

A fan-fiction story about the game Shadow of the Colossus.
This is a story of Wander's experiences against one of the colossi.


2. White-Tail

It is a rocky landscape. Fields and hills all covered in pale colored grass as far as the eye can see. When he crossed the bridge, when he first arrived, he noticed that there were large landscapes built in sand and he was sure that there were many areas that looked differently but which he hadn't explored yet. But the temperature always seemed to stay the same. Never too cold or too hot. And the winds which were hitting him while he rode atop of Agro seemed to be lukewarm. Even when he gazed down on the desert hills he didn't seem to remember it being especially different than now. But it was hard to remember. It seemed like that was an eternity ago. Actually he wasn't really sure how long it had been – it could have been 3 hours ago, but it could also have been 3 days ago. In this silent pale landscape time seemed to get lost and the sound of a ticking clock had been substituted by the sound of the rusty sword steadily hitting against Agro's side as he continued to ride northwest.
He raises the sword again and the light beams shoot off a bit more to the west. They must have ridden too far to the north. Agro instinctively steers towards the light and they continue their quest.
But then he sees it. In the corner of his eye: a white-tailed lizard. He gave the last piece of fruit to Agro and he knows that it might be a while before he will get something to eat again. The rumbling in his stomach reminds him of this. He pulls the reigns gently to make Agro stop slowly and jumps of him soundlessly. The unknowing lizard carelessly crawls along the ground as he continues to approach it. With an expertise he couldn't display with the sword he draws his bow and arrow. This is his domain. He had first learn to use the bow when he was 11 years old and after a few weeks he was even a better marksman than the older boys who tried for the temple. But he wasn't interested in being a temple guard and spent most his time in the woods hunting. When he grew older he got offered being a village hunter and he gladly took it.
He readies the bow and aims it at the salamander. With full focus and precision he lets the arrow go – but it misses. The lizard, alerted by the arrow, sprints off into the mountain trail. He hesitates a second but the rumbling in his stomach reminds him he should pursue. Agro, he yells and jumps on the horse. He won’t let the white-tail get away. He scans the area and sees the tail glowing in the mountain wall a couple of yards in front of him. Got you, he thinks to himself and takes off in its direction. 

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