Shadow of the Colossus: The End of the World

A fan-fiction story about the game Shadow of the Colossus.
This is a story of Wander's experiences against one of the colossi.


4. Tower to Heaven

He first saw her when he was delivering doves to the temple. Everyone in the village is connected to the temple and all serve a purpose. As a hunter he had to deliver doves every week. One time when he was making his delivery as usual, he arrived at the gate but there was no one there. I don’t have time to wait, he thought to himself and he continued carelessly into the sacred ground. And that’s where he saw her. She was walking around in a white dress and seemed almost to be a divine creature. By her side walked a beautiful black stallion. Too stunned by her appearance he just stood and stared at her until she finally noticed him. Hi, she said and smiled at him. Oh, hello, he stammered awkwardly. My name is Mono, and this is Agro. What’s yours? She asked and tilted her head as if she was measuring him. I, um, brought doves, he stuttered, still petrified by her beauty. Mono laughed compassionately at his awkwardness and he laughed along with her. She got close to him so their faces almost touched. You need to wake up now, she said. If you want to save me, you need to wake up now.

He opens his eyes and sees Agro standing drinking by a lake. They must have gotten through the mountain trail. Before his eyes is an enormous lake and in the middle a majestic structure stretches almost to the heavens. It seems to be some kind of a tower with a round platform at the top. There seems to be a climbable trail if one wishes to get to the top. Who had made this huge construction? Who had made the bridges around this strange land and the weird stone rings he saw sometimes. If he hadn't had a more important task on his mind he might have pondered more on these questions. But as he was looking at the sky he notices that the sun has penetrated some of the heavy clouds. The sword, he remembers enthusiastically and lifts it above his head. It works. The light shoots from the sword and straight to the platform on top of the tower.
Good job Agro, he tells him and straps the sword tightly in his belt before he dives in the water. Expecting the water to be cold he tries to swim fast to get to the tower but the water is the same temperature. If it wasn't wet he wouldn't even notice that he was in water. He gets to the beginning of the tower and starts climbing to the top. It doesn't take him long and before he knows he is at the top. He only needs to jump a small gap and he will be on the round platform. And he does so without trouble. I made it, he almost says out loud, even though Agro is still at the bottom waiting by the lake.
Suddenly the platform starts shaking and then he sees it. It clumsily rises to its feet and stands upright. 97 feet tall. They both know what is about to happen. 

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