Shadow of the Colossus: The End of the World

A fan-fiction story about the game Shadow of the Colossus.
This is a story of Wander's experiences against one of the colossi.


3. The Mountain Trail

He notices it has become darker now. Following the white-tailed lizard he had completely lost track of where he was going and now he finds himself in a dark mountain trail. Agro sniffs to show his dissatisfaction and he just pats him calmly on the head. Quiet Agro, I think I can hear him. He gets closer and sees a dozen of small black legs crawling near a waterhole. Lizards. But it’s not good enough – they’re not white-tailed. When they first got to the forbidden lands he tried eating the black lizards but nothing really happened. After eating 3 and realizing that he was still hungry he decided that it was no good. But then he noticed that Agro had stepped on one with a glittery white tail. Curiously he tried to eat it and there was a huge difference. Eating the white tail not only made him full, but he felt as if he even got stronger in some way. So that’s why he was so eager to catch another. He need all the extra strength he could get.
Agro sniffs again. He realizes that he is almost squinting to even see anything in the dark and that he probably isn't going to get lucky with the lizards right now. All right Agro, you’re probably right, he tells the horse and climbs back on its back. Routinely he lifts the sword towards the sky and waits. But nothing happens. Impatiently he shakes it, waiting for the light, but still nothing happens. He looks up at the sky and sees that he is so deep in the mountain trail that the sun is nowhere to be seen. Maybe it only works in the light, he thinks to himself. He pulls Agro’s reins and he sets off. They don’t have time to not be following the light.
They ride for a while and all the places look alike. The mountain trail acts as a maze and even Agro is starting to realize this. He tries the sword and waves it around until his arm hurts but it doesn't help. He sinks down in the saddle and listens to his stomach rumble while Agro lazily keeps going down the trail. 

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