Shadow of the Colossus: The End of the World

A fan-fiction story about the game Shadow of the Colossus.
This is a story of Wander's experiences against one of the colossi.


5. The Fall

This one seems bigger than the previous two. The colossus is a magnificent creature with blue hair on its body and where there’s no hair, is a sculpted stone armor. On its head it wears two stone pillars as horns and in the middle a pair of big glowing blue eyes. In its hand it wields a giant stone sword almost half its size. Despite the impressive appearance the colossus doesn't feel evil or threatening. It stands almost as a guardian protecting this land. It would never strike first. But he needs to kill it. There’s no other way. I’m sorry, he says with a mixture of fear and something that must be courage.
But what should he do? There’s no way he can climb it, it’s simply just too big and the armor on its body would be impossible to scale. Maybe he could push it off the platform? But there’s no way it would even budge an inch if he tried to push it and the sword won’t do any damage against the armor. The colossus just stands swaying like its waiting for him to do something. He pulls his bow from his back and readies an arrow. He aims for the eyes and lets the arrow fly. The arrow hits the eyes and bounces off like a rock against a mountain. Nothing happens. He tries again and this time he aims for the neck where his armor stops and he flesh seems to be exposed. The arrow pierces into the blue hairs and black blood starts spilling from the wound. The giant stands swaying in the wind like nothing happens. Damn, he thinks, nothing works. But suddenly the colossus eyes start changing. The deep blue turns to a raging yellow and an earth shattering roar fills the air. The giant starts running towards him.
The stone sword, as big as a building, almost hits him the first time the colossus swings. He rolls in the last second and avoids it. The arrows he releases barely seem to bother the colossus more than mosquito bites and he just keeps running in circles to avoid the sword. What should he do now? Another sword swing almost knocks him off the platform. Is this the end? This formidable foe seems to be too much for him to handle. The giant gathers all his strength and delivers a stab four feet in front of him. But instead of swinging again, something seems to be wrong. His sword is stuck in the ground because he thrust too hard. This is my chance, he yells at the giant.
He starts running up on the sword and continues up on the giant’s arm. Another roar and finally the colossus finally get his sword free. But it’s too late now because he is almost on top of his head. The colossus starts shaking his entire head and tries desperately to shake the crawling creature off. But he has his fingers holding tight to the blue hairs and while the shaking does make him dizzy on the top of the colossus, it doesn't make him fall off. He pulls the sword up and suddenly a mark starts glowing on the top of the giant’s head. It looks like a big tattoo of an ancient sign and it shines bright blue. He raises the sword and pierces the giant blue head.
Then he feels it. Here at the end of the world. A sudden feeling of all the sadness there ever was and ever will be flushing over him - running through his body. And he can hear the earth moaning so loud that it rings in his head. Dark blood sprays hard from the colossus’ head and covers him. It doesn't feel lukewarm as everything else but it has a genuine sticky warmness to it. He and the colossus fall together through the 97 feet in almost slow-motion. He lands softly and stares at the sky. And then blacks out.

         *          *           *

He had promised to bring her an alive dove. She had never seen one and it made her sad that these beautiful creatures had to be killed and eaten. In his hand he had a cage with a white dove he had caught the same morning. Their talks always got him excited and he had noticed that her eyes too seemed to light up whenever she saw him. And today he couldn't wait to show her the beautiful dove. As usual he walked to the gate and prepared to sneak through but he couldn't do it this time. A crowd as big as the whole village had gathered in front of the temple. He pushed through the people and found one of the guards. What’s going on, he asked? The fate of one of the temple maids is cursed. She has been sacrificed for the good of the village, the guard answered him. Which temple maid?
And then he saw it. Lord Emon wiped his ceremonial knife and put it back in his scabbard. Two priest apprentices lifted the carrier. He saw her calm face and the blood pouring from her chest. She had been killed.
Mono, he screamed furiously and dropped the cage with the white dove. Mono! He tried to push his way through the temple guards but they held him back and he couldn't do anything but watch her being carried away into the temple. Mono.

He sat stealthy on the temple walls. If the moon hadn't been so bright that night he would almost have been invisible. He jumped down and sneaked into the temple. No one was standing guard this late because there was no reason for it. This was a peaceful village and there had never been stolen anything from the temple. She lied in the middle on a stone bed. They were going to perform the rituals on her tomorrow before burying her. He lifted her up and she was almost weightless – even lighter than the doves he used to carry to the temple. But he couldn't leave just yet. One more thing. It was placed in the other temple room. It didn't look very special; it was just some big old rusty sword. But he had heard the stories and he knew he needed it. He strapped it to his belt and took Mono in his arms. Her horse Agro was asleep in the stables. Hey Agro, hey old boy, he whispered and patted him. We need to go. He covered Mono in a brown blanket and placed her in front of him on top of Agro back. He pulled the reins and rode out the temple gates. We’re going to the forbidden lands, he said not only to the horse but also to himself. To the end of the world. Because he had heard the stories and the stories said that if one should wish it, one can bring back the souls of the dead. And that’s what he was going to do. Whatever the prize may be.



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