Shadow of the Colossus: The End of the World

A fan-fiction story about the game Shadow of the Colossus.
This is a story of Wander's experiences against one of the colossi.


1. The Beginning of the End

This is the end of the world. He knows this. Even if he didn't he would feel it. He has been awake for two hours now but the dizziness is still not completely gone. It still lingers a bit as if just to remind him what happened. Another blackout. Maybe he should be more worried but he always wakes up the same place so he doesn't think too much of it. There are other things which are more important.
Agro. Agro. Agro, he yells again. He scouts across the hills and waits patiently. The silence sits lazily across the land and has planted its heavy hands firmly on his shoulders. Slowly it starts to let go and evaporates with each sound of the rapid hooves hitting the plain fields. The sounds grow louder and louder and then he sees him galloping hastily. The horse rams full speed in his direction but stops just before it is about to hit him. Agro. He pats his head softly and can’t imagine being at the end of the world without his only friend. The horse sniffs his pocket and he pulls out the strange yellow fruit which seems to grow everywhere across the land. Agro swallows the fruit almost whole and stands blinking with his big dark eyes at him. He pats him again and makes his way up on the black horse's back.
It has almost become a routine now, as weird as that may sound. But he knows what he has to do without over contemplating it and he draws forth the sword and raises it above his head. What he hasn’t gotten used to yet is the weight of the sword. It feels awkward to hold and he can feel his hand stiffing up the longer he holds the sword up. It doesn't take more than a couple of seconds before it starts happening. Suddenly the sword almost seems to float and light emerges around it until a large beam shoots off into the horizon. This time it’s northwest. He puts the sword down and grabs the reigns. Agro, he yells. And Agro takes off towards northwest. 

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