short spooky stories

this is a mix of shorty gruesome and scary stories! comment any improvements below!! <3


1. clown

once there was a baby sitter and two children, the parents had given the baby sitter strict instructions not to let the children watch t.v because they think it would ruin their brains!

as the baby sitter put the children to bed she read them a story ... a spooky one choosen by the kids it was about ogres and witches and all made up things as the children nodded off the baby sitter went down staires to make a cup of tea to take upstaires as the parents room was the only room with a television in!

The babysitter rang up the parents and asked if she could use their t.v they said yes but the babysitter had one more request that she could cover up the gaint clown  statue with a blanket the mother said they dont have a clown statue!The mother screamed get the kids out of the house but it was to late the phone was cut of and the baby  siter ran to the kids room but they were dead , she turned around and the clown was there and stabbed her !

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