One Direction parodys

so just parodys about one direction.


6. kiss you (Key of awesome parody.)

Oh I'm just tryin' to make it to the beauty 
Get out of my way I gotta get my nails done 
Gonna get my eye brows threaded then 
then I'll get 
a funky skunky stripe put on my head 

Oh Peeka-peeka-boo where did I come from? 
Looks like he gave birth to me from his skunk bum 

Hey fellas could you stop the bike up at the light 
l think I'm feelin' motorcycle sick 

You're not as cute 
As these other two 
So let's just move you there 
Now mince about, and act as though you're having fun 

He only gives us one 
Now run from the waaaaaaaaaaaave. 
I need more Hair Spraaaaaaaaay 

This wanker is a 
Sad old man 
He's got us dressed like 
Old man bands 
Can we take a breaaaaaaaak 
No bloody waaaaaay 
Now put on your swimsuits 

Aw C'mon. We're quite pasty. 

We've yet to develop muscles 

Oooh This one director won't ever let us leave 
You can leave as soon as you hit puberty 
Come on mate, its cold in here look over here 
Harry's crying frozen tears 

He's dead 

Well they tell us we're like Elvis back when he was a kid 
I hope we don't die on the toilet like he did 
Someone let me off the ride, I'm dying inside 
This is the worlds smallest violin 

Let's have you twoooo 
Remove those sailor suits 
and dress like prostitutes, yeah 

The saddest part is we're not getting 
Paid that much 
They never even buy us lunch 
And that's not faaaaaaaaair 
How is my HAAAAAIR? 

Now put on these assless chaps 
I bought them at the Assless Gap 
Let's do 50 Shaaaaaaades 
of Graaaaay 
and let him hit you 

Here's a tissue 
I just tricked you 
I made you sniff glue 
Now let me fist you 
Ha ha ha ha I'm just kidding 
Just checking if you were listening 
Let's go hillbiilly hand fishing 
Now let's do the ending from Broke 
Back Mountain 

I think I'm starting to have fun 
Try to make him staaaaay 
and that's when you say 
I wish I could quit you

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