Confessions of a Teenage Murder Victim

"Hi. My name is Annabelle Marie Davids. I'm 17 years old, born October 12th 1995, died January 18th 2013. Well, to be brutally honest, I was murdered." Annabelle was your average teenage girl. She had it all; the boyfriend, the parties, the looks and the popularity. Her parents even had the money. Her life was perfect. So why was she killed? With the help of ALIS, the After Life Investigative Squad, Annabelle slowly discovers the bitter and twisted hatred which led to one of her "friends" to murder her.


17. Save me

Smiles... red smiles... red... blood... screaming, pain, hurt, cry, scream...

'ANNIE!' My eyes snapped open to see Mikey's face staring at me in panic and fear. He held me in his arms, his immense wings encircling us in the middle of my room, and his face inches away from mine. I noticed then that I was trembling, and my cheeks were damp and sticky feeling from my salted tears. I groaned and shook my head.

'Not again.' I whispered, closing my eyes and dropping my head forwards so it rested against Mikey's shoulder as I threw my arms around him, clutching him as sobs tore through my body.

'Again? Annie, what do you mean?' He started, before faltering and clutching me tighter, stroking my knotted hair as he whispered in my ear.

'It's okay now Annie, I'm here. I've got you, you're safe now honey.' I heard that embarrassing squealing noise that I make when I cry emit from my throat, and inwardly cringed before deciding I didn't care. I had a right to cry after all that... 

As the images returned to my mind I cried even harder and started screaming into Mikey's shoulder as I cried. He pulled me closer and held me tightly, silently waiting for me to calm down.

'It's horrid Mikey... who would... why would he do that to me?' I pulled away and stared up into his face, begging him to answer me, but knowing he couldn't. He shook his head sadly, pulling me back into a hug.

'I don't know Annie, but Sergeant Anderson is the best agent we've got. He'll nail this guy. I'll make sure of it.' I felt myself calming down and hiccuped suddenly, pulling away and smiling sadly up at him.

'God I feel so pathetic. Honestly, I have no idea what's wrong with me. I never cry.' I scrubbed at my face with my jumpers sleeve, forcing myself to smile. Mikey just looked ta me, and I knew he could see past my façade. 

'Mikey. I... I don't like this.' I whispered, looking down at the floor and staring at a single white feather that had fallen from his wings, my eyes running over the soft pure white blades.

'I don't either Annie. I'm doing all I can to move this along, so you can get closure and ascend, but it's going so slowly...' I looked up at him, interrupting his speech.

'Will wasn't given the right information on my adoption or my adoptive parents Mikey. It's made him suspicious, and he want's to interview my Dad, but if he does do that I can't cope because I know he's grieving, I can feel it and I just-' Mikey held up his hands, frowning.

'Wait, he didn't know? I swear I put those papers in your file before it was delivered to him. I put your file together myself so I knew we had everything.' Mikey stood up and started pacing the room, his wings fluttering in agitation. I sniffed and stared at the feather again, my head heavy because of the tears.

'Annie, you said this has happened before, when?' I looked up at him before answering.

'Last night... normally it's just random flashes, but last night I dreamt... bits of it. Today I just collapsed after Will had left after I argued with him. It's worse Mikey. His smile just pops up in my head all the time now... I can't... I need...' I took a deep breath and looked up at Mikey, resolved.

'I want to talk to my Dad. If I eliminate him from this, Will should get off my back and get on with finding the real killer. Can you take me to an interview?' Mikey stared at me, before nodding.

'I can get you one.' 

'Right now Mikey. I want this done now. I don't want my Dad involved in this at all. I don't want him to see Sergeant or be interrogated when he did nothing.' Mikey nodded slowly.

'Yeah, I can get you in. I'm pretty important up here you know.' He winked and smiled slightly before speaking again.

'Sergeant's really stupid to even think your Dad could do something like murder you. He doted on you; loved you more than anything in the world I'd say.' I smiled and stood up, hugging Mikey tightly.

'Thanks Mikey.' I whispered as he returned my hug, his wings shaking slightly as he answered.

'No problem Annie love.' 


I held tightly onto Mikey's hand as we stood at the edge of the black abyss beyond the interview room.

'You ready?' He asked, turning to face me as I nodded. I took a deep breath and shut my eyes, preparing to step into the darkness, when a shouting voice forced me to open my eyes and jerk around to look up the hallway.

Sergeant stood frozen at the end of the hallway, staring at me in undisguised shock, before he started running towards us, calling for Michael to stop, his eyes wide in panic.

I shut my eyes and threw myself into the abyss, not noticing Mikey had let go of me, I fell into my Dad's dream-scape by myself.


I picked myself up off of the grass, looking around to see I was in a graveyard. I saw my Dad standing in front of a freshly dug grave, staring down at the stone motionless. My tombstone.

Slowly, I walked towards him, before softly calling him.

'Daddy?' I whispered, my voice choked full of tears.He turned abruptly to face me and smiled softly, his slightly wrinkled face breaking into a soft smile.

'Hey Annie-bella. Come here sweetie.' He held out his arms and I ran into his embrace, crying silently as I clung onto him.

'Daddy, I've missed you! I've missed you so much!' He stroked the back of my head, clinging me tightly in his arms.

'I've missed you too Annie-bella. How are you?' I pulled back slightly and sniffed, looking up at him.

'I'm ok I guess, considering I'm dead and all.' He laughed sadly, stroking my cheek with his large hand.

'I've missed you so much Annie. We all have.' I nodded, giving him another tight hug.

'I swear, I'm going to sue that company who put up that damned balcony.' He said, his voice aggressive suddenly. I pulled away, wiping away my tears and looking up at him.

'Dad, that's not how I died. I was killed, and I need you to give me your alibi, or I don't know what will happen! I need you to make your bosses look into my death and catch the murderer, or I'll be stuck in Limbo forever!' As I'd been speaking, dark clouds began to appear in the summer sky, and thunder rumbled as rain began to fall.

I stared up at my Dad, as his face changed, deforming itself into a face I'd never seen before. I stepped back instinctively, my eyes wide in shock and fear.

'Daddy?' I whispered as rain began to spit, before a heavy downpour arrived.

Suddenly, the scene changed, and I was in a tiny, dark, dusty room. The only illumination was a flickering light-bulb that dangled from the low ceiling, swaying slightly.

I looked around in horror, as my Dad stepped forwards from the darkness, smiling in the half-lit room.

I backtracked, my hands covering my ears as I sank to the floor, shaking my head.

'No! No, no, no!' I muttered, my eyes widening so much I thought they might pop out of my head. I saw Dad's dirty old work boots appear in front of my eyes, and screamed as I felt a hand grab my hair, unable to scream with my mouth, I hid within the darkest recesses of my mind, calling for help.

Help me God! Please, save me! WILL!



Authors note:

Hey guys! Sorry it's taken so long, but we're finally getting down to it! The next chapter is going to be from Will's point of view from when Anna jumped into the dream-scape/interview room, and after that we'll be getting down to the nasty business of her murder, so I may have to up the rating, depending on how gruesome I make the description. Please please PLEASE comment on what you think, what you like, hate or just to tell me to get up off my butt and write another chapter! Thanks so much for reading so far into this story! Hope you enjoy it, because I have plans for extending it after Annabelle's murder is solved. :) xx

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