Confessions of a Teenage Murder Victim

"Hi. My name is Annabelle Marie Davids. I'm 17 years old, born October 12th 1995, died January 18th 2013. Well, to be brutally honest, I was murdered." Annabelle was your average teenage girl. She had it all; the boyfriend, the parties, the looks and the popularity. Her parents even had the money. Her life was perfect. So why was she killed? With the help of ALIS, the After Life Investigative Squad, Annabelle slowly discovers the bitter and twisted hatred which led to one of her "friends" to murder her.


13. Recovery

I followed Sergeant Anderson to Frankie's room of fashion mysteries, avoiding looking anyone in the eyes and allowing my long blonde hair to hide my face from curious souls.

Will hadn't spoken since leading me out of my apartment, and I got the feeling he was distancing himself from me all over again. I sighed, frustrated, and caught him glance back at me with a glimpse of concern in his usually stoic eyes, before he snapped his head back to facing forwards. 

As we reached Frankie's door, he turned to face me with his blank face.

'I have some arrangements to make. I'll be back in half an hour to take you to your apartment.' I shivered at the thought of going back to that room and the grip my hands had across my stomach tightened. I nodded wordlessly, my gaze falling to the floor.

'Good. Don't fade while I'm gone.' He muttered before speed-walking back down the corridor. I stared after him, wondering if I had imagined the concern in his eyes, or if Sergeant Anderson had a heart beneath the icy exterior he threw up.

I knocked on the door and smiled slightly as I heard Frankie shouting at Davie to open the door. I stared up into the face of the hulking man before me and smiled shakily, tears hanging in the corners of my eyes. He backtracked immediately as though I had pulled a gun on him and shouted for Frankie.

'Frankie! You gotta deal with this!' He shouted, looking terrified of having to deal with an emotional teenager.

'Jesus Davie, can't you handle one person for five minutes...' Her voice trailed off as she noticed my pale and tear stained face.

'Oh honey!' She muttered, running towards me and pulling me into a sweet smelling embrace. I returned the hug, but pulled away as my tears threatened to escape again.

'Sorry Frankie. I needed therapy and this is the closest to it for me.' Frankie smiled before gently pinching my arm.

'A girl after my own heart. Not a lot of people here consider shopping a therapy. It's nice to have a girl like me around for a change!' She smiled again and told Davie he could go on break. He smiled, relieved he didn't have to deal with a blubbering female.

As soon as he'd shut the door behind him, I told Frankie of what almost happened, and she ripped me out about it after expressing her sympathy.

'Don't you even think of fading again! Who am I going to have to talk about fashion and shopping with huh?' She said, guiding me to the room of wonders and distracting me with clothes and shoes.



True to his word, Sergeant Anderson appeared half an hour after he left me with Frankie, but it felt like a lot less time than that. Frankie had done a brilliant job of cheering me up, and I left with bags full of various designer brands of clothes and shoes.

'Thanks Frankie.' I whispered as I hugged her tightly. 'You're the best.' I heard her sniff as she hugged me tighter.

'Don't you worry chick. Just don't go fading on me again, okay?' She pulled out of my hug and looked at me with concerned eyes. I smiled and nodded before turning and following the Sergeant out.

'Hey, can you take this?' I asked as I thrust a couple of bags in his empty hands before he could protest, and began to walk down the hallway with him following me as he carried my bright pink gift bags filled with clothes.

As I strolled through the offices with Sergeant right behind me, I felt shocked eyes staring at us. Probably wondering how I managed to get the most emotionless man ever to carry some bright pink shopping bags.

I sighed in relief as we exited the offices and started to walk towards my apartment, when Sergeant grabbed my arm, pulling me up short.

'I've organised something else for you. Follow me.' I blinked in shock before wordlessly following him along a different path made up of clouds.

As we continued down the path, larger more elaborate homes began to appear, making my little apartment complex look like the slums of heaven... or limbo... or wherever we actually were right now.

We carried on walking past these massive homes before stopping at a large but simple house, which had elaborate carvings at the top of some decorative columns which held up a balcony above the door.

My home back in the land of the living was larger and far more ornate thanks to my Mum's gaudy taste in décor, but this house was more streamlined and had an air of sophistication about it.

'Wow. Are you sure we're in the right neighbourhood?' I asked, staring about me as Sergeant placed my bags on the ground to pull out a set of keys to unlock the door.

'Quite sure.' He said, pushing open the door and grabbing my bags before leading me inside.

My mouth dropped open at the immense reception room, which reminded me of 18th century homes. The ceiling stretched high above us, with elaborate mouldings surrounding a chandelier. There were two staircases, one on the left and one on the right which curved and met on the first floor, and had two more staircases leading off to opposite directions of the upstairs. Sergeant led me to a door to the left of the entrance hall to a large parlour room which was twice the size of my old apartment and had beautiful furniture and an elegant fireplace.

'Wow... just... wow.' I stepped forwards and collapsed into a deep armchair, letting my bags fall to the floor. I watched as Sergeant placed my bags down and took off his jacket, throwing it over the sofa and loosening his tie, before undoing the top button and sitting down, rubbing his hand across his face.

I frowned at his unusual behaviour and waited for him to speak. When he didn't, I decided to take the initiative.

'Okay, this house is... wow. It's amazing. Incredible. Just... wow. But what's the catch? I know there's always a catch to things like this.' I said, gesturing to the large room. Sergeant glanced at me and I thought I saw a smile twitch at his lips before he quickly pulled up his stony expression.

'Yes, you are correct in assuming there is a "catch" to living here. Michael didn't want to risk you fading again, so you will be sharing this house... with me. I am the only one with the ability to prevent fading, and he really doesn't want you to fade. Despite my protestations at sharing my home, I must follow my orders. You will have your own room and I will not disturb you when un-needed.' He glanced at me, expecting an argument, but I nodded my ascent. 

'Okay. I guess that's fair. But please, no more Miss Davies. You're making me feel like my Auntie, and she's, well, loopy. Just call me Annie, or Ann. Whatever, just not Miss Davies, okay?' He stared at me as though trying to figure out an ulterior motive to my reasoning before nodding at my request.

'It is an unusual request, but I shall attempt to refer to you as Annabelle if that's agreeable with you?' I nodded, smiling. 

'Can you show me to my room so I can dump my clothes there? I think I'd get lost in this huge house. It's amazing by the way, in case my earlier reaction went unnoticed!' I laughed as I looked around the beautiful room once again.

'Thank you. I fashioned it with my old home in mind.' I blinked rapidly. It seems my Sergeant used to be a rich kid in life.

He led me up the ornate staircase and upwards towards the bedrooms, guiding me along a corridor with paintings decorating the walls. The colour in his home was a welcome change from the dull grays and whites which seemed to be prominent here.

He opened a door to what would be my room, and my mouth dropped open at the large canopy bed, the dressing table with mirrors and the large wardrobe. I grinned to myself as I decided I would make it my personal mission to fill that wardrobe to bursting with clothes from Frankie's. 

'I would like to talk to you about the interviews soon, so once you've settled and rested, I'll be next door in my room. Please feel free to visit me when you're ready.' I smiled and nodded. Just as he was closing the door I called out to him.

'Will?' I couldn't see his face, but the door stopped moving, so I knew he'd heard me and was listening.

'Thank you. For everything.' I said, and stared as the door remained still, before quietly and slowly closing. I smiled, before turning and unloading my new clothes and hanging them in the beautiful wardrobe.






Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been updating as much, going through exams right now, so loads of revising going on! At some point soon, the story is going to get pretty gruesome and graphic, so I may be uping the age limit to mild, as I have something really gory and gross in mind for Annabelles unfortunate death. :(

Sorry if that troubles any of you, but I will be updating this within the next couple of weeks as soon as I have a spare moment. Thank you for reading my story this far, and I hope you continue reading it!! :) xxx

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