Confessions of a Teenage Murder Victim

"Hi. My name is Annabelle Marie Davids. I'm 17 years old, born October 12th 1995, died January 18th 2013. Well, to be brutally honest, I was murdered." Annabelle was your average teenage girl. She had it all; the boyfriend, the parties, the looks and the popularity. Her parents even had the money. Her life was perfect. So why was she killed? With the help of ALIS, the After Life Investigative Squad, Annabelle slowly discovers the bitter and twisted hatred which led to one of her "friends" to murder her.


18. Panic

Sergeant Will Anderson's POV

As I turned the corner of the corridor, headed towards the interview rooms, I saw Michael and Annabelle standing before an open door, holding hands. For a moment I froze in shock, before I got a terrible clenching in my stomach and I started to walk forwards, beginning to run as I called out.

'MICHAEL! STOP!' They turned towards me, and Annabelle's eyes widened when she saw me. Michael released her hand to turn my way fully, and at that second, she stepped into the dream-scape. The door slammed shut behind her, shutting out all other entrants till the required code was input into the security lock beside the door. 

I jerked to a stop in front of the door, staring at the barrier between myself and her, before I swore vehemently and punched the door, before turning on Michael.

'What have you done?' I whispered. Unlike most people who expressed their anger in shouting and yelling, the volume of my voice lowers till it is indistinguishable. I am rarely this angry, and despite the fact that Michael is an Archangel and I'm but a soul trapped in limbo, he paled slightly at the undisguised fury dripping from my words, before hardening his features to an emotionless mask.

'I'm helping my friend find closure.' He said, his gaze unswerving from my own eyes. I stared at him, observing his wings tensed, ready for a fight, before I responded.

'Firstly, you cannot consider her as your friend anymore, it has clouded your judgement. Secondly, I have already investigated her Father. Thirdly, you have allowed her to enter the dream-scape ALONE. Finally, she is reliving her murder in graphic and horrific detail, due to your lack of strength of will where she is concerned.' Michael's face paled once again, before turning a sickly yellow colour, his wings drooped as he realised his mistake.

'What?' He whispered, pain etched across his body in every muscle.

'I only hope she hasn't gone mad already.' I muttered grimly, turning away and slamming the code into the lock. It took five minutes to verify my identity, during which time I felt myself grow more and more panicked as I worried about Annabelle's well-being.

'So... he did do it?' Michael whispered, stepping back till he hit the wall, and sliding down to the floor, resting his head against his knees.

'What have I done?' Guilt and pain sounded out in every syllable he spoke as tears silently slid down his face.

'You may have just killed her chance to ascend.' I told him, ignoring his need for reassurance. He needed to learn not to feel sympathy for the souls we solve cases for. 

Finally, the code was approved, and the door creaked open, releasing the terrified screams it had captured. If my heart was still beating it would have dropped to my stomach as I heard Annabelle's petrified voice crying out in agony.

I heard Michael groan and sob as he hit the ground, before I stepped into the dream.

'I'm coming Annie.' I whispered as the door shut behind me. Little did I realise at that time, but what appeared before me was one of the worst cases of murder I have ever seen, or ever will.


Authors Note:

Hey guys! Sorry this is a short one, promise the next one will be longer!

Also, the next chapter will be from Annabelle's POV before Will arrives, so the long awaited murder details will be revealed! I can guarantee it will be very gross and gruesome, so will be upping the limit once that chapters published IF I receive no complaints or requests not to. I recommend not reading it if you're particularly squeamish.

ENJOY! :) xx 

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