Confessions of a Teenage Murder Victim

"Hi. My name is Annabelle Marie Davids. I'm 17 years old, born October 12th 1995, died January 18th 2013. Well, to be brutally honest, I was murdered." Annabelle was your average teenage girl. She had it all; the boyfriend, the parties, the looks and the popularity. Her parents even had the money. Her life was perfect. So why was she killed? With the help of ALIS, the After Life Investigative Squad, Annabelle slowly discovers the bitter and twisted hatred which led to one of her "friends" to murder her.


10. Interview No. 20131: Lucas Morrison

I walked up to where Sergeant Anderson stood with his back to me, talking to another Agent about some other case. 

'You ready, Sergeant Anderson?' I asked, folding my arms across my chest and raising an eyebrow.

He turned to look at me and gave my new clothes a quick glance before meeting my eyes again.

'You'll do I suppose.' He grunted, turning back to talk to the Agent who was ogling me quite clearly with no discretion. 

'I thought you said we didn't have a lot of time, Sergeant. Shouldn't we get going now?' He sighed, clearly annoyed and slapped the folder into the Agents hands. 

'Wilson, take this up to Captain Hughes. He can sort this out while I deal with... this.' Agent Wilson was still glancing at me as he walked away, and I gave him a cheeky wink to see his face turn an embarrassing shade of red. I giggled quietly to myself before turning to Sergeant Anderson.

'Miss Davids, I would appreciate it if you did not try to seduce or distract my co-workers from their jobs. Or I will have to put you under house arrest.'

'Whatever, don't get your knickers in a twist. Come on, I have some things to talk to my useless boyfriend about. Well, ex I guess. Can't really date if I'm dead, can I?' I said, following Sergeant Anderson as he quickly strode along a long empty corridor; decorated with the occasional pot plant and boring painting of a field or a tree.

'You know what? I think we should let Francis decorate this place. It's way too boring. Too life-less.' 

'Miss Davids, you are aware everyone here is dead. Don't you feel it is appropriate?' I raised an eyebrow as I slid a sideways glance at him. He strode quickly and confidently down the hallway, his arms swinging slightly at his sides. 

'For the boring souls like you maybe. But you never know. Little Wilson might have a dark exciting side to him.' I grinned up at him, ignoring his frown as he shook his head and sighed despairingly.

'Come on. We're already late.' He said, increasing his pace and turning a corner.

'That is not my fault thank you Sergeant. You were the one taking your time with little Wilson.' I said, jogging to catch up with him and sticking my tongue out at his back. 

Suddenly, he stopped in front of a plain wooden door. Above it, there was a sign labelling it as "Visiting Room".

'I would like to remind you, Miss Davids, that I shall do the talking and you mope around in the background looking like a depressed child. Do you understand?' He glanced down at me and I smiled sweetly up at him.

'You may remind me good sir but I may not listen to you.' I told him in the poshest voice I could manage before giggling as he glared down at me.

'This is no joke Miss Davids. We have a limited amount of time to complete our interview. If you waste one second of it you shall not attend the others. Am I clear?' I looked up into his icy eyes that made chills creep down my spine. 

'I know this is serious. I can't promise that I won't speak, but I won't get in the way. That will just have to be good enough.' I shrugged, smiling gently at him. His eyes narrowed as he turned to face the door and jerked at the handle to open it.

As it swung open, I felt myself being pulled forwards by an invisible chord into the dark abyss that was inside the door.

I heard the Sergeants voice call out loudly.

'Lucas Anthony Morrison.' The invisible chord tugged at me even harder; so hard I was breathless from the sheer force and speed that it was pulling me. I turned to look at the Sergeant and he didn't seem to be effected by it at all. He glanced across at me and I grinned, reaching my arms out and pretending I was flying. He scowled at me and turned away, and I laughed at him.

Suddenly, we broke through the darkness and I realized that I was now looking down on the Earth. Quickly we plummeted downwards, and Luke's house quickly came into view. I shrieked as we flew straight through the ceiling and into Luke's bedroom. 

It was different from what I remembered; instead of being immaculately cleaned by the maid, there was fast food packaging and junk food wrappers strewn across the floor. Smelly piles of dirty clothes were thrown across the room, and the picture which was of me and Luke which usually stood on his desk was face down. I walked across to it and picked it up, staring at the cracked and broken glass from where Luke had punched it. 

Tears welled up in my eyes and I covered my mouth with my hand to prevent a sob from escaping.

Sergeant Anderson walked over to me and took the picture out of my hands and placing it precisely where it had been.

'Come on. We don't have much time.' I nodded silently and wordlessly allowed him to grab my hand. He dragged me over to Luke's bed and I saw him curled up in a foetal position; his cheeks red and his eyes slightly swollen.

The Sergeant placed his hand on Luke's head and suddenly, we were standing in a cold graveyard; a coffin strewn with white lilly's was lowered into the hole and a priest was reading a sermon. Everyone I knew was standing there, my teachers, friends, my parents. I realised that this was my funeral.

A lump has risen in my throat as my Mum shook her head and turned to bury her face in my Dad's jacket as she screamed out her sobs into his chest as he rubbed her hair and tried to sooth her.

I saw Luke walk away at that point, striding as far as he could from the service towards the church.

The Sergeant pulled me to follow him, and we floated above the ground behind him.

He was already sitting down in a pew by the time we had arrived, tears falling silently from his face as his hands were clutched together in prayer.

'Oh God, Luke...' I whispered, covering my mouth and blinked repeatedly to try and stop the tears.

He raised his head suddenly and looked around, his reddened eyes wide open.

'Annie?' He whispered his eyes scanning the church wildly.

'Annie!! Is that you?' He called out louder, standing and running to the end of the pew to stand in the centre of the church path that led to the alter. 

I let go of the Sergeants hand and sprang forwards, reaching out for Luke.

'Stop!' The Sergeant shouted at me. I froze and Luke turned to face us, his eyes clearing of their wild look.

'Oh God Annie!' He started to stumble towards me, reaching out his hands desperately. 

Suddenly, the Sergeant stood in front of me, blocking Luke from my view.

'We have some questions for you Luke.' He said, His arm blocking me from stepping around him. Luke's face went pale white and he looked like he was going to be sick.

The church began to fade away, and Luke's clothes changed in front of my eyes to his usual casual combat trousers with a white shirt; the clothes he wore to the party.

All of a sudden we were stood in a black abyss, with a bright lamp sitting on a metal table. Luke was sat at a plain chair, kneading his hands on the table. There was an empty chair opposite him, which the Sergeant sat down in and faced him.

The Sergeant crossed his arms and stared at Luke silently. It didn't take long for Luke to break down.

'I didn't do anything! I loved Annie! I love you!' He finished off, turning to stare into my eyes.

'Are you sure?' The Sergeant whispered. Luke's eyes flickered away from my face and nodded fiercely at the Sergeant.

'I would never do anything to hurt Annie! Anything!' He chewing his lip and his leg start to jitter slightly before he clenched his fists and stopped the movement. I felt as though someone had sucker-punched me.

'You're lying.' I whispered, my eyes filling with tears as I covered my mouth.

'What did you do Luke?' I asked louder, clenching my jaw angrily to hold back my sadness.

The Sergeant turned and glared at me, but I ignored him and stared straight into Luke's eyes. He looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights. 

'What did you do?' I asked, my voice layered with anger.

'I'm sorry Annie! I didn't mean to! It was her fault and you were angry with me and my Mum was sick and it just happened!' He stood up just as the setting changed to a bedroom. A bedroom I recognised very well. A bedroom where I had cried, laughed, played, slept... and there was Luke and her.

'HOW COULD YOU?'I screamed, angrily. I tried lunging forwards, my long varnished nails reaching for his face when the Sergeant grabbed me to hold me back. I thrashed violently against him, screaming and swearing at Luke who crouched in a corner snivelling. The scene had changed into his bedroom and he was crouched in a corner hiding his face with his arms.

'I'm sorry Annie. Sorry, sorry, sorry, so so sorry...' He mumbled through his sobs. I stared at him emotionless and cold.

'Did you kill me?' I asked him; my voice monotone and blank. His head snapped upwards to look at me with wide terrified eyes.

'What? No! You... the balcony broke! You were crushed... I... God, I would never! Could never!' He covered his eyes and started rocking back and forth.

'Annie! Come back to me! Please God let her come back to me!' I turned away and stood beside the Sergeant with my back to Luke.

'Can we leave? He's telling the truth this time.' I whispered, almost breaking down when he nodded silently before grabbing my hand and as we started to fade away from Luke's dream I called out to him.

'Quit crying you big baby. I forgive you already now get out of your room and live for crying out loud! Make her happy for me.' I turned around and smiled gently, just in time to see Luke's shocked face staring up at me and reaching out to grab me as we disappeared and my tears were released from their prison.

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