Confessions of a Teenage Murder Victim

"Hi. My name is Annabelle Marie Davids. I'm 17 years old, born October 12th 1995, died January 18th 2013. Well, to be brutally honest, I was murdered." Annabelle was your average teenage girl. She had it all; the boyfriend, the parties, the looks and the popularity. Her parents even had the money. Her life was perfect. So why was she killed? With the help of ALIS, the After Life Investigative Squad, Annabelle slowly discovers the bitter and twisted hatred which led to one of her "friends" to murder her.


11. Disbelief

We stepped back out of the door from the black abyss, the Sergeants hand gripping tightly onto the top of my arm stopped me from collapsing.

I heard fast and hoarse breathing, rasping heavily. It took me a moment for me to realise I was making that noise. I felt hot tears streming down my face and my body was shaking uncontrollably. 

'I'm sorry.' I whispered, turning away from the Sergeant to face the floor at an angle that my hair would fall in front of my face.

'For what?' He asked, still emotionless as a rock.

'For interfering. It's cause of me that... that I saw...' my throat constricted as I remembered the memory Luke had shown us. I'd recognize that room and that red hair anywhere. Even after dating for over two years and we had never gone that far...

Suddenly I felt the urge to vomit and desperately put a hand over my mouth, trying to hold back the retching.

An empty vase appeared in front of me and I retched up air, coughing as spit and bile dripped from my mouth, tears spilling onto the floor. I guess ghosts have nothing in their stomachs to throw up.

'Thank you.' I whispered to the Sergeant as he pulled away the vase and guided me to the wall. I sank down to the floor and pulled my legs up to my chest, hiding my head on my knees. The Sergeant sighed as he sank down next to me.

Without thinking, I raised my head and leant it against his shoulder, staring at the blank creamy white wall opposite me. I felt him go rigid at the contact, but he gradually relaxed.

'It's not your fault Miss Davies. He should have the restraint and respect to not do something like that.' His voice was cold, but not emotionless. I turned slightly to peer up at him, and realised he clenched his jaw tightly. He was angry.

I sighed deeply, wiping my eyes with the palm of my hand.

'I knew he wanted to take the next step... but it just didn't feel... right. I guess I knew something was up. I just ignored it. Too scared to face it.' By now, I'd told myself I wouldn't cry again.

'When you're in love, that's what you do.' He whispered sadly. 'You ignore their faults and any oddity in their behaviours out of the fear that they won't love you any more if you question it. Questioning it makes it too real.' I looked up at him trying to study his face, but he had turned away from me. I smiled sadly.

'Going out on a limb here, but I'm guessing some one did the same to you, huh?' I didn't need his barely noticeable nod to know I was right.

'Well she obviously didn't deserve you then.' I stated, looking away from him as I stood up. I heard him stand behind me and spoke to him without turning around.

'I'd rather not go to the next interview if you don't mind. I can't face Laura at the moment.' It pained me to say her name. The depth of betrayal I felt was unfathomable.

For her to sleep with Luke behind my back was just... too much for me.

'Of course Miss Davies. Whatever you wish.' I sighed and turned to smile at him.

'Oh drop the formalities please Sergeant. Call me Annabelle at least. Or Annie. Whatever you want, just not Miss Davies. Makes me feel ancient.' I laughed with fake happiness, but he didn't smile back. He just nodded vacantly.

'I'll be in my room when you get back... you can tell me what happened then. See you later Sergeant.' I started walking down the hallway before I heard him call after me.

'It's William.' I turned to stare at him shocked, but he had already stepped back into the abyss room to visit Laura. I blinked before smiling slightly and walking away down the corridor, holding back my tears.


I giggled at Francis as she stuck her tongue out at the table she had just stubbed her foot on as she staggered towards me holding a bottle of vodka.

When walking back to my room, I had encountered Francis and her lackey in the corridor and couldn't hold back my tears any longer. It all came pouring out and Francis had immediately had Davie go back to her room to grab some recovery beverages and foods while she escorted me to my room; glaring daggers at anyone who looked at me funnily.

Davie arrived soon after we had with a few bottles of alcohol and a huge tub of Ben and Jerry's. Francis shooed him off straight after and we started on the gin and ice cream.

'Damn table leg. I always stub my likkle toe on them damned things, right? ya know Anniebella?' I nodded, giggling as she staggered her way towards me, spilling some of her vodka on the floor.

'Francis, be careful. There's a chair there... I think.' I muttered, sipping at my glass of I don't even know what.

'Oh shtop it. Only my Granny called me Francis. I am Frankie. Frankie the Great! I like dat you knooww Annniiieee. Annie suits you better. You are Annie.' She collapsed beside me on my bed, quickly steadying her glass. I giggled again. Frankie was a hilarious drunk.

'Can we even get drunk? We're dead!' I laughed out, hiccuping. 

'I don't think sho. But shychologicallally, we can. I think. Hmm...' She trailed off into thought as she slowly sipped on her vodka before shrugging.

'Who caress?' She lisped out. 'I know I'm damned happy cause of dis shtuff, sho I'm not gonna queshtion it.' She took a deep gulp out of the glass, before unsteadily filling it once more.

'Ya know, I have a good mind to go and visit that scumbag and tell him what I think of him! Yeah! I'm gonna go and sslap that little runts face! Teach him to mess with one o' my girlsss!' Her voice got louder and louder and she stood up, glaring at the door.

Just then the door opened and in walked Frankies lackey, Davie and Sergeant William.

I grinned and jumped up as he walked in the door.

'William!' I shouted, stumbling forwards before he caught me and held me slightly away from him. I saw his eyes staring down at me in shock but ignored them.

'Frankie made me feel better. I hate boys. Why are they so mean, huh?' I asked, pouting up at him and laughing at his flustered and confused look.

'Ok Frankie, party's over love.' Davie said, stepping forwards and gently taking the half empty bottle of vodka away from her clinging fingers.

'No! I'm gonna go down there and sslap him harder than I shlapped you when you shpilled coffee on my Armani dress!' I gasped in shock and giggled as Davies face flushed red. He grabbed Frankie by her shoulders and nodded at the Dergeant before pulling Frankie away ignoring her protests.

'Bye Frankiee!' I shouted, waving at her as she exited my room, shutting the front door as she shouted a Goodbye.

I giggled as I looked up at the Sergeants eyes. They were icy silver and showed no emotion.

'Why are you looking at me like that William?' I asked, leaning my head to one side.

'You're drunk, Miss Davies.' I frowned and glared at him, resting my hands against his chest. His eyes widened slightly and a small flush crept up his cheeks.

'What happened to Annie then, huh William? I though we were friends for a moment there.' I frowned, gripping his white shirt in my hands.

He looked away so I couldn't see his blush and coughed lightly.

'Miss... Annie. Can you please let go of my shirt?' I giggled and let go, smoothing the material before stepping away.

'You're so formal, it's so cute!' I giggled slightly before falling backwards onto the bed and shrieking as I fell. The Sergeant stared at me, wide eyed as though not sure what to do.

'What ya looking at, huh? You never had to handle a drunk girl before William?' I slurred, giggling hysterically. 

'Calm down Miss- Annie. sorry. Please stay seated and I'll make you some coffee.' He walked across to the kitchen area and started boiling some water.

'I need sugars in it. Three! Coffee is yucky! Bleugh!' I pulled a face and giggled at myself before quickly becoming serious and silent.

I stared at the floor, listening to the kettle start to boil.

'I wish I'd never met that guy Sergeant Will-sy. He's not very nice huh?' I asked to the floor, curling up on the bed in a foetal position. I watched him as he quickly made the coffee and piled in the three sugars I had asked for. He walked over to me and sat down beside me on the bed, holding the mug.

'No, you're glad you met him. Deep down. But yeah, you're too good for that jack-ass.' I giggled and forced myself to sit up. I ended up leaning against Williams side, staring down into the black depths of the coffee; the rich bitter aroma invading my senses.

'You're probably right Will-sy. You're a clever guy. I like you.' I said, closing my eyes as my head rested perfectly against his shoulder.

'Mmm... you're comfy too.' I mumbled, relaxing against him.

I quickly felt myself drifting off to sleep, only being vaguely aware of what was going on. I started to protest when the Sergeant shifted his shoulder out of my why, but sighed in happiness when he let my head rest on his lap.

'I like you William.' I whispered before completely drifting off to sleep.

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