Celebrity School

Genevieve and Lilianne were two best friends, whose life has changed because of a letter they received. Find out what happens when they get in a school with celebrities.


1. The Letter

Genevieve's P.O.V.

I was playing the piano when I heard a knock on my door, I opened the door and it was my mom and my best friend, Lilianne my mom had an envelope in her hands, I wondered what it was. She gave the letter to me and said.

"That just came in from the mail"

Lilianne sat beside me and I opened the letter that said:


Dear Ms. Genevieve Hughes and Ms. Lilianne McCartney,

              This letter is to inform you that you have both received scholarships to McColin's School of Arts in London. We have seen your videos and we would like the both of you to attend this school. Also, attached are your classes and your supplies list. Your classes will start on September 9th. 


                                                    Ms. Bridget Perry

                                                 School Headmistress


I looked for our class schedules attached and we almost have the same classes except I have piano class and Lilianne had guitar. I gave her the piece of paper and I looked for our supplies list. I was checking the supplies list and most of the things I already have, I just had to buy a few things.

"Hey Lil', do you want to buy some supplies tomorrow" I said

"Let's worry about that later, can you believe that we're going to a school with celebrities" she said

"Yeah I can't believe it either, how did they even know about us"

"Well, they did mention that they have seen our videos"

"yeah but they don't get famous enough to reach a prestigious school full of celebrities"

I turned on my laptop and checked our videos in Youtube. I clicked on one of our videos and I saw that we had almost half a million views. 

"Lil' look" I said pointing to the screen

"What is it" she turned around and looked at the screen. "Half a million views!"

"Wow half a million views, I can't believe it" 

I gave Lil' her copy of her classes and the supplies, Lil' had to go home for dinner. We had a month and a half before we go to McColins. I placed the letter on my desk. I went downstairs to eat dinner.

"Hey, dad guess what" I said

"What is it honey" he said

"Lil' and I got a letter from McColins School of the Arts"

"That's great honey, when do you start"

"September 9"

I finished eating dinner I went back to my room to fix some of my stuff. I opened my laptop and checked the school's website and saw something I couldn't believe.


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