Those Things

Just those everyday things that I go through or that annoy me and a place where I can rant, vent and just talk about well...anything.
Oh and if you have a suggestion on what to write about comment, well if anyone actually reads this I mean.


3. Number 3. . .

. . .when you open the DVD case and it is empty or a different movie is in it.

Seriously, is it that hard to put the right movie into the right case, no it isn't, it's pretty damn straight forward if you ask me. All you do is find the right movie case that goes with the right DVD, and then you put the DVD in the case, it's as simple as that.

If you can't already tell that really annoys me, it is even worse when the DVD isn't even in the case. Just to point out that i'm writing about this because it just happened to me. I got all excited about watching a film opened it up and it's not even in there. That's just frustrating and I can't even find the DVD now.

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