Those Things

Just those everyday things that I go through or that annoy me and a place where I can rant, vent and just talk about well...anything.
Oh and if you have a suggestion on what to write about comment, well if anyone actually reads this I mean.


2. Number 2. . .

. . .we all have that one friend.

Has anyone else notice that in most groups of friends there are always those certain types of people? Or is that only me who has that type of friendship group? Oh well. 

There's the...

...the funny one - the one that can make a joke out of everything and is just naturally funny without trying.

...the perfect one - that friend that is good at everything, is skinny and pretty, always has their hair looking perfect, i'll never be that friend because well...i'm none of those things.

...the crazy one - the one who doesn't care what people think and goes around doing the weirdest things, this is usually me in my group of friends as i'm a bit retarded because for example to get to one of my lesson at school I may or may not have galloped there. I looked a bit strange but who cares it was fun. 

...the quiet one - that friend that is all shy and quiet and the beginning but as soon as they open up they are the exact opposite to what they seem. However, they are still quiet with other people.

...the...I can't think of anymore, sooo yeah that was that.


- StripesAreCool

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