Last First Kiss

Lily Tomlinson was used to having her twin brother by her side 24/7. But what happens when Louis becomes famous and returns back home with his 4 new band mates. Will Lily learn to love the boys just like her twin? Will one of the boys in particular actually steal her heart?


5. Twin time

I was sound asleep and randomly dreaming about unicorns when suddenly super loud music starts blasting in my ear. Nobody compares, by one direction was playing at the loudest volume possible. I woke up with a mini heart attack because the music was still playing! I turned my head to the bed next to me and Louis's smile was reaching up to his ears. It was really creepy. "LOUIS! WHAT ARE YOU..." My words were silenced because Louis's hand was clocking my mouth." "SHHHH!!!!!" He whispered/screamed. "My solo's coming up"! I rolled my eyes while waiting for his solo to come up from the songs that was still making me deaf in my ears. "You're so paris. When we kissed, when we kissed. I remember the taste of your lipstick!" He sang his solo out loud while doing hilarious dance moves. I couldn't here him finish the sentence because I was to busy cracking up and practically peeing. When he finished the line he stopped the song while I looked at my clock. It was 2 AM! "Louiiiiiis!" I whined. "Why did you wake me up?!" "Because." He simply stated I looked at him questioningly and he continued. "Because this the first time I actually got to talk to you with out the boys and I couldn't fall asleep because I knew that if I didn't have some alone time with you now I probably wouldn't get a chance in the morning". I almost started crying again. "I really missed you Lou. Like, more than you can imagine." This made him get pretty teary as well. "I missed you too Lil. Trust me, I know that I'm on tour and having a blast with my four best friends, but its really not the same without you." We continued talking for most of the night until Louis crawled in my bed and we fell asleep together. Just like we use to,

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