Last First Kiss

Lily Tomlinson was used to having her twin brother by her side 24/7. But what happens when Louis becomes famous and returns back home with his 4 new band mates. Will Lily learn to love the boys just like her twin? Will one of the boys in particular actually steal her heart?


1. Introduction

Lily's P.O.V.

"MAYBE I'M JUST IN LOVE WHEN YOU WAKE ME UP" I woke up to my loud (yet somehow soothing) alarm clock that played my favourite song, "wake me up" by Ed Sheeran. It happened to be the perfect morning song, especially for today, because someone I loved more than anything was coming to visit. My twin brother louis! A huge smile spread across my face when the thought of seeing Louis popped into my mind. The last time I saw Louis was when One Directions first album "Up All Night" came out, and he's been on tour ever since. To tell you the truth, I've never even met the other boys! I don't live in London with the rest of Louis's and my family, I moved to New york a couple of months ago to work in a fashion studio. But since it's now summer vacation, and I'm not working for a while, their is nothing I want more than to spend time with my big bro (he's older than me by 30 minutes) and his hopefully nice friends. I stepped out of bed and made my way to the shower because a shower was always the only way to wake myself up. I took a long, hot, steamy shower and felt myself slowly start to wake up. Once i got out, I rapped myself in a pink fluffy towel and made my way towards my walk in closet. On the door of the closet I had a big poster of the boys. In order to show my support for my brother and also, because I really do love they're music.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't call myself a true directioner because I don't really have any intention of marrying my brother. I walked towards the part of the closet where all of my dresses were hanged and I pushed them all to one side. Once I moved the dresses, the wall behind was revealed and there, sticking to my wall, was my secret that no one knew about except me. A huge poster of Liam. I have never met Liam but its safe to say he was my favourite. Everything about him made me smile. His brown chocolate eyes, the way he can act tough and take charge, but can also be sensitive and cute. It was safe to say that I've developed a little bit of a crush on the guy that I have never even met, until today. I jumped in excitement and let out a little squeal at the thought that I was finally going to meet him. I quickly grabbed a pair of jean shorts, a flowery tank top and some bright pink TOMS to match. One of the many things me and Louis have in common, we are both upsessed with TOMS and each own just about every color. I quickly got dressed, brushed my hair and teeth, and was finally on my way to the airport to pick them up.


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