Last First Kiss

Lily Tomlinson was used to having her twin brother by her side 24/7. But what happens when Louis becomes famous and returns back home with his 4 new band mates. Will Lily learn to love the boys just like her twin? Will one of the boys in particular actually steal her heart?


4. Home sweet home

Once we got home I gave everyone a little tour. My apartment was actually tiny so the thought of all of these 5 crazy boys squishing in together made me laugh. I had one huge room that was separated into two halfs. One half was the kitchen and one half was the livving room. Each wall was painted a differnent shade of blue. I absolutely love blue! After i showed them that room I took them to the second biggest room in the apartment. It was a navy blue color. "This is where Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn will be sleeping! Sorry it's a little small..." I didn't suceed in finishing my sentence because Niall, Harry and Zayn were already jumping on each other fighting for the comfiest air matress. "They are such babies sometimes!", Liam whispered to Louis and me and Louis both smiled. After that I showed all of the boys my room, which Louis will be sleeping in with me. It was a light blue color with a tiny hint of green in it."WOW!", said Zayn. "You really love blue!" Everyone laughed. "yep!", I answered. "Especially this blue because it matches my eyes"! "EXCUSE ME!", said Louis with his sassy tone while rolling his head in a very sassy way. I hated when he spoke like that! It his totally my thing he just stole from me." LILY!", he said. "I had those eyes before you so technically this color was my eye color first! You DO remember that i'm 30 minutes older than you, right"? "Ughhh!" I growled at him. "And you never let me forget it, do you"?! This made him walk away with a smirk on his face. Probably feeling quite pleased with himself. All of the boys were cracking up. I don't get it? Are me and Louis really that funny?! We ordered Pizza and Niall litterly ate a whole box by himself. All of the boys were exctremely nice and suprisingly polite. They all kept napkins on there laps at all times during the meal, which even I don't do. Then after dinner they insissted on me sitting while they cleared the table and washed the dishes. Liam did all of these things as well, but didn't speak or even look at me even once during the meal! I'm not saying he should be drooling over me but what am I? A piece of meat?! After dinner all the boys crashed because they were jet lag. But not before saying goodnight to me. They all gave me hugs goodnight and Louis and Harry gave me pecks on the cheeks. Wow, Harry really is a huge flirt. He winked at  me goodnight and I giggled as Louis growled at Harry. He is extremely over protective of me. All of the boys gave me hugs before, except Liam. Liam simply waved me goodnight. And that really bothered me.

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