Has Anything Changed? (sequel to The Child Assignment)

this is the sequel to 'The Child Assignment' please read that before you read this, unless you only want half of the story :) Louis Tomlinson and Sophie Jones had previously paired up in an assignment 'The Child Assignment' they used to be enemy's and hate each other, but during the assignment it had changed their lives, they got attached to the child they looked after, and in the end, Louis and Sophie became friends, but wanted more, and of course all good things come to an end. In the end Kaitlyn, the child they had looked after, and begun to love, had been adopted. Louis has now gone into X factor and Sophie has moved to London, will Sophie and Louis ever meet again? will they see Kaitlyn again? will she remember them? has anything changed?


9. Chapter 9 - perminant stylist

Louis' point of view

the next day I couldn't help but think of Kaitlyn, I sighed looked at the clock, 8:30 am, the lads and I shared a house, I couldn't be bothered moving, I grabbed my phone and went on twitter,  I scrolled down my news feed and an article caught my eye, 'does Louis Tomlinson have a secret child' these newspapers are getting ridiculous by the day, I decided to tweet, what the eff do the papers think they are doing

'right im getting sick of the stupid papers, I don't have a secret child its absolute crap, the thing between me and the kid is personal, but she isn't my child but she is nice, so a big eff you to the papers, again'

'ps I love all the fans, please, never believe such rumours unless we confirm them, big love :)'

there rant over, I followed a few fans and answered a few and then logged off I cant stand papers, I got ready and went downstairs, I was greeted by Liam, the others must still be in bed

"hey man" he greeted,

"hey mate" I smiled back, I sighed and sat next to him,

"what up" he asked,

"oh nothing" I lied,

"come on don't give me that rubbish" he smiled, I smiled back, I sighed,

"ive just been on twitter and saw an article, saying does Louis Tomlinson have a secret child, the papers just twist everything" I ranted,

"I know how you feel" he replied, I got the newspaper from the table and read it, and sure enough I also found the pic of me and Sophie,

"what the eff do they think their playing at" I snapped,

"what now" Liam asked,

"here" I said bluntly and he looked,

"you miss her don't you" he asked,

"I just want to know how she's doing, and I want to see Kaitlyn again" I replied,

"someday mate, someday" he smiled, I smiled back

soon the boys came down and we started making something to eat until my phone buzzed, I looked and it was from Lou,

'hey Louis, did Sophie get home ok last night, and by the way, Simon has ordered me to become your personal stylist now, not just for the x factor, so do you not mind, ps I did text the other boys but their phones were switched off :/ :) x'

"guy first thing, Lou has just text, she text you guys but none of you were answering her. and she also said shes going to be our stylist aswel now" I said smiling,

"yaaay" all the boys cheered,

so I text back

'hey Lou, the boys apologize for that, and Sophie got home ok :) and yaaaaaay, this is what me and the boys said when we heard, we cant wait, who's looking after baby Lux coz isn't Tom working? :) x'

and soon she replied,

'Sophie is, remember I told you yesterday, and yaaay glad you like me working with you, coz well if you didn't, tough :P xD love you boys :) x'

I laughed at the text and told the boys and they laughed to,

"gotta love Lou" Harry laughed, we agreed,

'soz douche :P and awww we love you to Lou :) x'

we talked for a while

'Sophie's just text me saying you boys were nice to her, good :P btw can we meaning Sophie and I, because well I love my cousin, and you guys have met and well thought you could get to know her more since she's coming on tour with us (coz she has to coz of babysitting Lux)  we need to come to sort out 'vas happenin' as Zayn says, with the tour and stuff, you go on tour in a week, is that ok? :) x'

I asked the boys, they laughed

"tell her its fine, looking forward to it" they all said, I nodded and said,

'its fine, she's always welcome, she's nice and she our favourite stylists cousin ;) so yeah come ours at 4 :) x'

and she replied,

'awww Louis no wonder Eleanor has swooped you up, very touching haha ;)  and ok, see you at 4 :) x'

'bye :) x'

and so I explained to the lads what was happening and we decided to clean the place up, yeah, were lads, never clean up until a guest comes, its only natural

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