Has Anything Changed? (sequel to The Child Assignment)

this is the sequel to 'The Child Assignment' please read that before you read this, unless you only want half of the story :) Louis Tomlinson and Sophie Jones had previously paired up in an assignment 'The Child Assignment' they used to be enemy's and hate each other, but during the assignment it had changed their lives, they got attached to the child they looked after, and in the end, Louis and Sophie became friends, but wanted more, and of course all good things come to an end. In the end Kaitlyn, the child they had looked after, and begun to love, had been adopted. Louis has now gone into X factor and Sophie has moved to London, will Sophie and Louis ever meet again? will they see Kaitlyn again? will she remember them? has anything changed?


6. Chapter 6 - remembering

Louis' point of view

me and the boys went on stage, when there was a slight pause I heard a little voice call,


I looked and saw her, our little girl that we got so attached to is here, I walked over to her

"Kaitlyn" I asked to make sure

"Louis, you remember" she screeched, the cameras were now on us, I don't even care

"of course, how could I forget about you" I smiled, and I hugged her,

"I still love you" I whispered,

"I love you to" she whispered back, I smile,

then I look at her 'mum' she seemed a little too posh, she was wearing some posh clothes and had her head held high, ughhh, poor Kaitlyn, if Sophie and I could have gotten to her sooner, we could've been her family.

I then looked at the girl next to her, it was Sophie with Lou next to her, Sophie looks so pretty, her black hair, she had the same colour eyes of the Sophie I knew, stop it Louis, you need to stop thinking of Sophie. your never going to see her again, she's probably forgot about me, she's probably got a boyfriend,

anyway, I looked at Sophie and Lou and smiled at them and they did the smiled back, and then I went back to the boys each giving me a confusing look, I chuckled as we continued the performance

Kaitlyn's point of view

I cant believe Louis remembers me, yaaaay, i'd love to know where Sophie was though, I wonder if Sophie still remembers me, I wonder if Louis and Sophie still talk, I sighed, I wish I could go with them, my 'mum' is always out, so I barely ever see her, she's nice to me, but sometimes a little to herself, quiet, always in her work and she never has time to play with me.

sometimes I think she don't really care about me, she's never told she loves me, like everyone else, apart from Sophie and Louis that is, don't get me wrong my 'mum' is alright coz you read before she's nice, its just when I mention Louis or him and Sophie were doing that assignment thing she gets angry, I have no idea why though, she says I shouldn't mention it, I don't know why, I just want to see Sophie and Louis again, the ones I truly want as parents

Louis' point of view

when we went backstage we talked for a while until Lou and Sophie came out, its weird saying Sophie, coz I remember last time I had to say Sophie, was with the Sophie I loved, and it hurt

"what was all that about when you went upto that little girl next to us" Lou asked,

"when we were in school, we had to do an assignment, to look after a child for 3 weeks, and that little girl, was the one me and this other girl, had to look after" I explained,

"oh yeah, I remember that, awwww and you liked the girl you worked with" Harry teased, I rolled my eyes

"do you have to remind me" I sighed,

"and to think, you hated her at one point" Niall shrugged,

"let it go, It hurts to think about it" I sighed

"did you know they dropped that assignment after you guys left" Niall said,

"really" I asked,

"yeah" he replied,

"I remember that assignment, that's how I met my girlfriend (Nia)" Liam spoke up, smiling,

Louis smiled back,

"awww" we all chorused and laughed

"yeah, did you ever see your girl after Louis" Harry asked,

"she wasn't my girl although I wished, and no, she moved to London while I tried for the x factor, I wonder where she is now though" I sigh, they all patted me on the back for support

"maybe well see her while were here" Liam smiled hopeful, I nodded and smiled back,

"maybe" I smiled, and hoped

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